This is the Sign of the Night of the Lailatul Qadar in the Qur’an, How to Get It

WWW.PRIBUMI.WIN, INDONESIA – One of the important events in the moment of the holy month of Ramadan is the arrival of the night of the lailatul qadar. According to various narrations, the night that is staying digadang by all Muslims in this world come in the last 10 days of Ramadan, especially on odd dates.

However, the arrival of the night lailatul qadar no one knows exactly when.

Launched an article on the page titled ‘Signs of Night Lailatul Qadar in the Qur’an’ mentioned so far Muslims just read the signs of the night that according to the Qur’an better than 1000 this month.

What a glorious night lailatul qadar for being able to bring a servant to the essential piety.

Then, is it true that the night sign of the qadar lailatullah is watering him, the silence of the night, and the bowing of the trees, etc.? To be sure, and this must be believed by every Muslim based on the Qur’anic statement, that “There was a night called Lailatul Qadar” (QS Al-Qadr: 1) and that night was “a blessed night where it is explained or defined all great dealings with wisdom “(QS Ad-Dukhan: 3).

Confirmed in the Qur’an, the night is a glorious night, not easily known how great its glory. This is implied by the “question” in the form of glorification, which is “Wa ma adraka ma laylatul qadar.”

In order to gain a clear understanding of the night of the Qatariul qadar, Muhammad Quraish Shihab (1999) gives some information regarding the meaning of the word qadar. The famous Mufassir described three meanings on the word qadar.

First, qadar means stipulation or arrangement so that lailatul qadar is understood as the night of God’s determination for the journey of human life.

This opinion is corroborated by its adherents with the Word of God in Surah Ad-Dukhan verse 3.

There are scholars who understand the determination within a year.

The Qur’an that descends on the night of the lailatul qadar means that on that night Allah SWT arranged and established khiththah and strategy for His Prophet, Muhammad SAW in order to invite people to the true religion which will ultimately establish the course of history of mankind, both as individuals or groups.

Second, qadar means glory. That night is a glorious night that is unequaled. He is glorious because he was chosen as the night of the fall of the Qur’an and because he became the starting point of all the glory that can be achieved.

The word qadar meaning glorious is found in the 91st verse of Surat al-An’am which speaks of idolaters: Ma qadaru Allaha haqqa qadrihi idz qalu ma anzala Allahu ‘ala basyarin min syay’i (they do not glorify God as the proper glory , when they say that Allah has not sent anything to man).

Third, qadar means narrow. That night is a narrow night, as many angels descend to the earth, as confirmed in Surat al-Qadar: On that night descend the angels and the soul (Gabriel) with the permission of his Lord to arrange all matters.

The word qadar which means narrow is used by the Qur’an among others in the 26th verse of Surat ar-Ra’du: Allah yabsuthu al-rizqa liman yasya ‘wa yaqdiru (Allah enlarges the sustenance for the desired and narrows it [for whom it wants] ). (

Then how to get it

Lailatul Qadar is a long-awaited Muslim during Ramadan, especially entering the ganji night in the last 10 days.

Who is eligible for Lailatul Qadar?

Is a person who is less worshiped and perforated in fasting practice also entitled to get qadar lailatur? if he then really on the last 10 nights?

Before answering the questions above, let’s peel one by one, what sayarat get it, the characteristics of people who have got it, and what are the signs?

Ustad Atoillah, the pesantren Miftahul Huda, said that the night of the qadar took place during the night, from maghrib to dawn.

So the last 10 nights, ranging from 21,23,25,27,29 is a night to be anticipated, and indeed only certain people are entitled to it.

Here Allah says:

“Lailatul qadar is better than a thousand months. On that night descend the angels and the Angel Gabriel with the permission of his Lord to arrange all matters. That night (full) Welfare until dawn. ”
(Surah Al-Qadr: 3 – 5)

He also asserted, to get it should be strengthened by various worship, whether it is mandatory or the sunnah.

So then a devout Muslim should take it seriously, not only on the night of the ganji, but all during the fasting month.

1. Worshiping All Night

Here’s the explanation: The range from maghrib to dawn is very useful and not missed for worship, starting from mandatory such as prayer maghrib, isya, tarawih, and dawn.

“So the worship is a service in the night of grace with the night of lailatul qadar.”

2. Worship with Ikhlas by improving Quality

Therefore, all worship must be done diligently, with sincerity and sincerity. The more worship the better, the better is also the really khusyu, iklas and surrender to Allah.

3. Staying Diligent Until The End of Ramadan

Perseverance will bear fruit reward, sincerity will bear fruit ridho and forgiveness. But whatever we really should not laze around the end of Ramadan, justu should be improved.

Because the last 10 nights is the most difficult trials, because there are clutter and start many other activities that tempt.

So it’s the buckling and struggling for the sake of running Worship there is a key to reach lailatul qadar.

Those who are earnest for (seeking) Our Faith, We will indeed show them our way. and verily Allah is with those who do good. (Surat al-Ankabut: 69)

Signs of People Who Have Gained Lailatul Qadar

No one knows the time of the Lailatul qadar, because it is God’s secret.

It’s just that Prophet Muhammad SAW advised to look for lailatul qadar in the odd night of the last ten days of Ramadan. Because lailatul qadar will likely occur on those nights.

A fortune for people who get blessings lailatul qadar which only happens once a year.

Want to know the signs of people who have gained the grace of lailatul qadar? Just look at the summary below.

1. He will always try to be the best person in the eyes of Allah SWT as well as fellow human beings. Always do Allah’s command and do it in the best way in Allah’s eyes.

2. People who managed to get Lailatul Qadar will always feel less especially in the matter of worship.

3. In addition to mandatory worship of the five times of prayer, he also never left the sunnah worship like tahajud and tarawih.

4. In everyday life both with superiors and subordinates, he is always a humble person and just be reasonable. Do not feel arrogant and arrogant especially to fellow human beings.

5. People who get lailatul qadar will look more shine face and nice to look at. But these signs can only be felt and seen by those who are always close to Allah SWT.

Well, that’s the traits of people who get the mercy of the night lailatul qadar. May we be one of them.




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