“Eat When Hungry, Stop Before Satiety” Is a False Hadith

“Eat when hungry, stop before full”

Ever heard these wise words?

Some think it is a hadith. Though it is a false hadith. Not in the books of hadith that muktamad like Shahih Bukhari, Sahih Muslim, Sunan An-Nasa’i, Sunan Abu Daud, Sunan At-Tirmizy, Sunan Ibn Majah and others. Even so fake in the book of false hadith there is no such hadith.

There is nothing wrong with that sentence, it’s just that the Prophet never said so. Apparently the statement about “eat when hungry stop before full” found in the book of the story.

Book of the story written by Al-Imam As-Suyuthi, wrote that there were four physicians gathered before Kisra king of Persia. Each of these physicians came from different countries. Among others are Iraq, Rome, India and Sudan.

The doctors were asked to give the most potent prescription, which gave no side effects at all.

The Roman physician’s recipe was to swallow three rasyad beans (a kind of vegetables) and should be consumed daily. Doctors from Iraq for example, give a recipe in the form of drinking warm water three sips every day so wake up from sleep. The Indian physician’s recipe is to swallow three seeds of ihlilaj (a kind of wheat grown in India) every day.

Lastly, the doctor from Sudan, the recipe is not to eat unless it is hungry and stops before full. The last recipe is considered the most efficacious and also in-acc by three colleagues.

Al-Imam As-Suyuthi, in telling the story of the doctor’s advice from Sudan, did not mention that this lafadz came from the Prophet or as a hadith. So unflattering and certainly wrong if the origin call hadits.Wallahua’lam.




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