Touching, US Muslim Man Hugs and Punishes His Child Killer

A Muslim man in the United States (US), the father of a pizza parlor who was killed, forgave and hugged the defendant’s murderer in court in court. The man mentioned, what he did as the teachings of Islam.

The Muslim man was Abdul Munim Sombat Jitmoud. While the defendant named Trey Alexander Relford.

The moving scene came last Tuesday when a 31-year sentence was imposed on the defendant. Apologized and gentle hugs, the defendant cried.

Jitmoud says that he did it with the spirit of Islam. “Islam teaches that God will not forgive anyone until the persecuted person forgives the person (persecutor),” Jitmoud told WKYT, CNN’s affiliate media.

“The door of opportunity for God to forgive him is open. So, reach out to Him. You have a new round of good life to come, “he told Relford in court.

In April 2015, Jitmoud’s son-Salahuddin Jitmoud was making a final Pizza Hut for the night. He was the driver of the fast food delivery.

However, the victim was stabbed to death and robbed at an apartment complex in Lexington, Kentucky. His body was found lying around the compound.

Three people were arrested in the crime. But a jury or judge only chooses to indict Relford. Officials said Relford planned the robbery, but he rejected the allegations of killing Jitmoud.

Relford was sentenced to 31 years in prison after pleading guilty to his involvement in murder, robbery involvement, and attempted murder with evidence of Jitmoud’s stabbing that led to his death.

The victim’s father told Relford that he forgave him on behalf of Salahuddin and his mother who had died two years earlier.

“It’s been two years and seven months suffering with many nightmares,” Jitmoud told CNN. “Whatever happens to you comes from God. Let believers put their trust in Him. ”

Relford who got the apology and the gentle hug from his victim’s father could not say much. “Not much I can say. I’m sorry about what happened that day. I can not do anything to return it to you, “he said.

Jitmoud pleaded not to blame Relford. “I am angry at Satan, who misleads you and misleads you for a terrible crime,” Jitmoud told Relford in court. “I do not blame you. I’m not mad at you. I forgive you. “Jitmoud mengatakan bahwa dia lebih sering membaca Alquran untuk menemukan kedamaian. Setelah dijatuhi hukuman, Jitmoud mengatakan bahwa dia berbisik ke telinga Relford. “Lakukan perbuatan baik saat keluar dari penjara,” katanya. “Yakinlah bahwa Allah mengampuni.”




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