Wearing Muslim Clothes With His Family, Is Jacksen F Tiago So Converted?

WWW.PRIBUMI.WIN, BANJARMASIN – Barito Putera team has held a launching squad that is prepared to wade the League 1 competition season 2018, Monday (19/2/2018) night

The event was held at the team headquarters of 17 May Banjarmasin Stadium with religious nuances.

The general public and supporters who attended the sholawat jointly led by Habib Syech.

Although not all of them are Muslims, the players and the Barito Putera officials are also dominant in Muslim fashion, including Jacksen F Tiago’s coach.

The Brazilian coach did not forget to capture the moment and upload the account instagram pribagi @ jacksen_tiago.

Suddenly, the upload attracted the reaction of the warganet. One of them is an account @t_arif_m who asks if Jacksen F Tiago will become a convert.

“What is the convert jackman tiago ?,” write account @ t_arif_m.
The question immediately got a response from Jacksen.

The former coach of Persipura is judging him highly appreciate the difference.

“@t_arif_m not at all, but I must respect the fellow human beings, regardless of our differences,” writes Jacksen.




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