Nouman Ali Khan Lectures for Bollywood Artist This Is So Convert

The early turning point of his life occurred at the death of Yash Chopra-the famous Bollywood director. It could be said that he had a severe depression left behind his closest person.

“I’m very close to Yash Chopra. His death really shook my life. I’m so depressed, “she recalled.

Is Murcyleen Peerzada, a Bollywood actress who was then used to living a luxurious life. However, as Peerzada said after Yash Chopra’s death he began to think about the life and higher power that control everything.

“When depressed, I do not know I suddenly and accidentally saw the lectures of Nouman Ali Khan and Yasmin Mogahed.”

Upon hearing the lecture, Peerzada was shocked. It is like hearing direct counsel from God. And that’s the turning point of his life.

“I started to pray twice a day. Every prayer, I ask God to guide me to show the right way, “he said.

That night, he decided the future direction of his life. He began to study Islam under the guidance of Farah Naik, wife of Zakir Naik. After that, Peerzada became a convert. He also became an activist of Zakir Islam Foundation Naik.

His appearance has now changed after becoming Muslim. Peerzada has been wearing the hijab. Assistant film director ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ is, simple lifestyle. He donated the entire collection of clothing and accessories he has to the orphanage

“Before I wear the hijab. I have to know why I should wear it. This means I want what I wear because of God and the truth. “




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