Terrorist Regime Assad Hundreds of Humanitarian Assistance for Civilians in East Ghouta

An international aid convoy that entered the enclave of East Ghouta besieged by Syria on Monday (5/3/2018) minus critical medical supplies after Assad’s terrorist regime plundered life-saving equipment and drugs.

The United Nations says 46 trucks have entered East Ghouta and arrived in the main city of Douma, in the first shipment of aid since the start of the regime’s assault last month.

The Syrian regime has looted most of the medical material from UN vehicles, preventing surgical equipment, insulin, dialysis equipment and other supplies to reach the 400,000-strong enclave, a World Health Organization official said.

A UN official told Reuters that the Syrian regime has also dropped a food convoy for 70,000 people until it is only available for 27,500.

The UN Office for the Coordination of Human Affairs (OCHA) said “the UN and partners are informed that many health supplies planned for Douma are not allowed to be loaded and are not allowed to be replaced with other items”.

“They include trauma equipment and other life-saving equipment.” The aid arrived after the attack

the new air hit the besieged East Ghouta and regime forces reportedly recaptured a third of the enclave in a rapidly increasing attack.

An AFP reporter in Douma said that fighter planes flying overhead and explosions from further bombardment in the enclave could be heard even as the aid was dismantled.

At least 45 people were killed in air strikes in the eastern Ghouta enclave Monday, including a barrage bomb attack that killed 19 people.

Western powers have pressed Damascus and Russia’s allies to end attacks on East Ghouta – one of the barbaric attacks in the Syrian civil war that lasted nearly seven years – but President Bashar al-Assad has been concerned about warning that it will not stop.

More than two weeks of air strikes, artillery fire and rockets in the last main opposition enclave near Damascus have left more than 700 civilians dead and three-quarters homes damaged in the area.

The regime’s forces and allies have entered the enclave from the east in recent days and on Monday morning have recaptured one-third of East Ghouta, according to the Observatory.

Over the years, an estimated 400,000 East Ghouta inhabitants have relied on survival with smuggling, local farms and aid deliveries are extremely rare as they have been caught in a deadly siege of the regime.




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