India Imposes Night Hours After the Murder of 6 People By Soldiers

Authorities have imposed a curfew in Indian-administered Kashmir in anticipation of fresh demonstrations from the public after Indian troops killed at least six people in the turbulent Himalayan region.

On Monday (5/3/2018), officials closed schools, suspended Internet services and deployed troops to Kashmir territory less than a day after Indian troops killed four civilians and two jihadists and prompted overnight protests against New Delhi.

Military Colonel Rajesh Kalia claimed that gunmen fired at a checkpoint in the southern Shopian area on Sunday night and a firefight with soldiers followed later.

According to Kalia, one of those killed was a jihad suspect and a weapon was found at the scene.

The other three were found dead in a car some distance away. Other later-looking civilians were found dead in separate cars.

A sixth victim identified by police as a militant suspect was also found on Monday.

Hundreds of Kashmiris spilled onto the streets to protest the killings that local residents say are cold blood.

Shouting anti-India and pro-independence slogans, protesters demanded an end to the New Delhi government over Kashmir.

Clashes have been reported between police and pro-independence protesters in several places in the area, but there are no direct reports of casualties or casualties. The pro-independence group has called for wider demonstrations.

Meanwhile, thousands of people took part in a funeral ceremony held for victims on Monday.

Tensions are high in India-administered Kashmir region, where a Muslim-majority population holds regular demonstrations against the Hindu government of India, demanding autonomy from New Delhi or joining Pakistan.

India regularly accuses Pakistan of arming and training jihadists and letting them cross the turbulent border in an effort to launch attacks against Indian troops. Pakistan strongly denies the allegations.

Kashmir has been divided between India and Pakistan but is claimed entirely by both since both were separated and gained independence from Britain in 1947.

Both countries have committed three wars in the disputed territory.

Despite a ceasefire agreement reached in November 2003, sporadic fighting continues in Kashmir.

New Delhi has deployed some 500,000 troops to the disputed territory.




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