Urinary Disease After Connecting Intim Can Prevent The Disease

Urinary tract infections are one of the most severe diseases. Anyone is at risk of experiencing it. Moreover, if often hold urination or not maintain cleanliness, then the risk will be higher.

There are many ways to prevent or reduce the risk of urinary tract infections. Quoted from her.ie, one way is to urinate after having sex. Perhaps during this suggestion that we often get is to urinate before having sex. But after intercourse was strongly recommended to urinate. The goal is to clean the pubic area of ​​bacteria that may come in while having sex.

Stop the habit of holding back pee also yes ladies./Copyright shutterstock.com
Women are more advised to do this. Because women are ten times more likely to get urinary tract infections than men. It is also important to know the symptoms, such as increased intensity of abnormal urination, pain during urination, accompanied by back pain and abdominal cramps. If you experience these symptoms, be aware of ladies urinary tract infections.

Urinating after sex is just one way to reduce the risk of urinary tract infections. Other ways that can be done to prevent this infection, among others, stop the habit of holding urine, clean the pubic area from front to back, drink lots of water every day, avoid the use of soap perfumes area of ​​femininity, change underwear regularly, and avoid the use of clothes and underwear that is too tight.

Yuk, more sensitive and cautious again to always prevent the intimate area cleanliness to avoid dangerous diseases and infections. Hopefully the info is useful.




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