Ward off Arrogance

WWW.PRIBUMI.WIN, INDONESIA – Buya Hamka as well as a scholar, also known as a writer. Through the works of his novel, he inserted various religious advice to his readers. In a novel entitled The New Generation, a woman of a wealthy boy named Syamsiar married Hasan. Their household life was borne by the Syamsiar family, which made Hasan uncomfortable. He also invited Syam to live independently, seek worker in another village, or stay in the village but work to earn a living with his own effort.

“Would not it be good if we try as others try, we leave home. If we can not be a teacher, we try to pay wages and others. If we are going to live in the city too, we will try to go to the fields like the villagers, plowing, and exploring “(Hasan said).

“Hijack?” Syamsiar asked, “Is it worth our religious school output, our teachers output Egypt and Jakarta, we will be a plowman. Is it possible for us to go to a country of people, whereas the work to be found does not exist, “said Syamsiar.

This is the form of Syamsiar arrogance. In the end, he divorced her husband, and later he was aware of all his mistakes.

One of Hamka’s messages through this story is that we should abstain from the arrogant nature of destroying ourselves. The symptoms of arrogant or arrogant people are that they feel great, want to win themselves, do not want to hear or accept the opinions of others. The Prophet gave an explanation of the character of the arrogant character, “Takabur is rejecting the truth and despising and disparaging others.”

In psychological studies, arrogance is termed narcissism, a behavior that is filled with pride of self and ignores others in order to achieve its own ambition. Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) has such pompous, arrogant, irritable, lack of empathy, craving praise, feeling superior to others, and therefore they are criticized. They also always try to present themselves better and richer than others in order to win the admiration and praise of others.

Because pride will drag people to various forms of evil, the threat to the arrogant is very heavy. In QS Al Baqarah verse 206, Allah says, “And when it is said to him, ‘Serve to Allah’, arise his pride which causes him to sin. Hence enough (recompense) Hell Hell. And it’s a hell that’s the worst place to live. ”

The first creature to be arrogant is the devil. He was previously a very devout worshiper of God. But when God told him to prostrate to Adam he refused because he felt more noble than Adam. Satan says, “I am better than this, Thou created me out of the fire, and Thou hast created from the ground.” (Surat al-A’raf: 12). Pharaoh also suffered a terrible final fate because he refused to submit to Allah and His Messenger (Prophet Moses) because he felt himself a great ruler, “Is not the Egyptian kingdom is mine …?” (Surah Az-Zukhruf: 51).

How to avoid arrogance so as not to dwell in man? Imam Al Ghazali in the book of Ihya ‘”Uluumuddiin declares that man should not be arrogant because the real man is created from the despised semen and from the same place where the dirt out. In other words, always remember that this self was created from a despicable semen (did not We create you from a despised water? – QS Al Mursalaat: 20). So, what do we deserve to be arrogant?




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