Lead is Suffering

The news about the action of the Special Committee on the Rights of the Corruption Eradication Commission, which was formed by the House of Representatives, who visited the corruptors in the prison made me think of the story of an Indonesian hero who fought for the formation of the House of Representatives (Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat). He is Haji Agus Salim (HAS).

HAS is a figure of Minang origin who is known genius, oration expert, and very good at writing, born in 1884. In 1915, HAS began the struggle against invaders through the power of the pen, by becoming editor in the daily Neratja. Later, he even founded his own newspaper, named Fadjar Asia. HAS also plunged into politics by joining the Sarekat Islam. HAS had been a member of the Volksraad (a kind of DPR / MPR) as a representative of the Sarekat Islam and during that time he boldly denounced the actions of the Dutch government that caused the people to suffer. He also demanded to the Dutch government that Indonesia be allowed to establish a true House of Representatives, not like the Volksraad which was merely an effort by the Dutch government to know public opinion. In the real DPR, the people’s representatives have the right and the duty to make laws that protect the interests of the people, while in the Volksraad, the right is not there.

After passing through various struggles, HAS (and other freedom fighters) finally succeeded in bringing Indonesia into an independent state on August 17, 1945. HAS also gained a classy position, including Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Minister, and visited various countries as diplomats representing Indonesia. He even attended the inauguration of Queen Elizabeth II in England.

However, who would have thought that his life remained unpretentious, even tend to be poor? Narrated, to meet the necessities of life, HAS willing to sell kerosene, even though he had served as Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Ambassador of Indonesia at the United Nations. She lives in a rented house and meets with European diplomats with suits that have stitches here and there to cover up the cruelty. Why did he live that way? Why not use his position to get a decent home for his family?

“Lead is suffering, not piling up treasure,” HAS said.

In the history of Islam, the name of Caliph Umar bin Abdul Aziz is well known as an example of simplicity. He did not make the position as a means to make money. Even the money is much reduced when he died.

Abu Ja’far al-Mansur once asked Abdul Aziz (son of Umar ibn Abdul Aziz), “How much is your father’s wealth when he took office as Khalifah?”

Abdul Aziz replied, “Forty thousand dinars.”

Ja’far asked again, “Then how much was your father’s wealth when he died?”

“Four hundred dinars. Even if it has not decreased, “said Abdul Aziz.
If we compare the ethos of leadership of HAS and Caliph Umar bin Abdul Aziz with the stressed candidates, really like the earth and the sky. The legislative candidates have spent large sums on campaigning, paying dowries, and paying here and there for the sake of being elected to the House of Representatives. What do they expect? Of course want to turn back capital, if you can earn big. When dreams are missed, people lose gambling, their souls are shaken and in a mental hospital. What a way of life that is futile.

Thaher bin Husain once wrote a letter to his son, Abdullah, who will be the leader (guardian) in Riqqah and Egypt, “Pray is the first priority in holding the government. The reason is that the father orders the prayer because God has said, that prayer is a deterrent of evil and evil, so rejected reinforcements of the work from you and your people. Then you should do the sunna of the Messenger of Allah and follow the examples of the pious salaf after the Apostle. ”

How is the Sunnah of the Prophet (s) in the lead? Let us recall the following story.

One day, the Companions found Rasulullah SAW tying his belly with a cloth; in the cloth there are thin stones. The Companions asked him why he did that. It turns out that the Messenger of Allah did it for the sake of hunger.

Umar bin Khatab r.a. said, “O Messenger of Allah! If You only told us, of course we will not remain silent. ”

The Messenger of God replied gently, “No, O my friend. I know, anything you will sacrifice for me. But how shall I face God, when I as a leader become a burden to his people? ”

The Companions were silent. Rasulullah continued, “Let this hunger as God’s gift for me, so that my people will not be starving in this world, moreover there is no starved in the hereafter.”




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