Not So Easy Cyber Army Muslim Forces, Selected Tight and Planned

The core ‘armies’ of hoax alleged propagators on behalf of Muslims, the Muslim Cyber ​​Army or MCA, are recruited through the selection stage. After that baiat. This was explained by the Director of Crime of Criminal Investigation of Police Brigadier General Police Fadil Imran in his office, Gambir, Central Jakarta, Wednesday (28/2).

It is said Fadil, people who want to become members do not need to know each other. All it takes is a vision-mission similarity, also good in technology. “That’s the nature of this Cyber ​​Community. Similar interests, vision and mission, “he said.

MCA is divided into two, namely Cyber ​​Moeslim Defeat Hoax in charge of setting in order to win opinions by sharing news out in a massive. Then, The Cyber ​​Family Team contains influential people in other groups to organize and plan news to be structured.

The Cyber ​​Family Team is comprised of 177 members with some admins six of whom have been arrested by the police. They consist of Muhammad Luth (40 years), Rizki Surya Dharma (35 years), Ramdani Saputra (39 years), Tara Arsih Wijayani (40 years), and Yuspiadin (24 years old).
MCA collected into several groups who named MCA United with the number of members to reach hundreds of thousands and admin approximately 20 people. According to the police, this MCA is a group that always spread false news alias hoaks, which is provocative with the aim of dividing religious and group.

During this time they are incentive to spread rumors about the kidnapping of ulama and kiai, the rise of the PKI and insulting the President, government and certain figures. Not only that, they also often send viruses to damage the electronic device hoax message recipients that they spread.

Kabareskrim Police Komjen Ari Dono Sukmanto said some news that viral in social media related attacks against some scholars is mainly happening in West Java is one of the products of the perpetrators.

“If spelled out the facts, yes facts so. So now we can prove the existence of a news in medsos, the fact is not like that. Yes we process, “said Ari Dono at Hotel Sahid, Jakarta, Wednesday (28/2).

Ari Dono said investigators are still doing deepening of hoaks content related spread of the perpetrators have the message or just for personal interests. “Still in process. We have not seen who it is yet. About news (lies) in social media, we are tracking it (MCA group). Why is that, we are still deepening process, “he said.

Then, related fugitives who are in South Korea, the police are still hunting him. “Well that’s the news, it’s out, not yet time out, he’s out. Well I do not know where it came from (info one fugitive abroad). Yes hopefully it can be yes. If I open all, later on run all, “he said.

If indeed the perpetrators who are still in South Korea will not surrender or return to Indonesia, then the police will issue a red notice. “Yeah, later like that,” he said.

He also can not say that this MCA is similar to Saracen. “We also can not conclude that way. We will still search. This network or not, “he said.

Do not use Muslim Names
Chairman of the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) KH Ma’ruf Amin called on law enforcers to crack down on the spreaders of the hoax and provocative issues. It responded to the widespread spreading of SARA discrimination issues and the ulama’s persecution by The Family MCA group. “Anyone who spread the hoax from anywhere should be processed,” he said at the Presidential Palace in Jakarta, Wednesday (28/2).

Kiai Ma’ruf said, the circulation of hoaks and provocative information could trigger a commotion. Not infrequently also disputes in the community due to the information. “Therefore the police do not have to doubt where it should be processed,” he continued.

Rais Aam PBNU) is reminded, the parties who want to do provocation do not stick with the Muslim name. Therefore, the use of Muslim names for actions that are not commendable can damage the image of Islam.

“Do not use names (Muslims) do that, including do not also use the Muslim name. And the important thing is do not do the hoaks so the country is safe. This country we must guard, guard so that the integrity of the nation remains awake, “he said.

Facebooker Arrested
In addition to arresting the Cyber ​​Army Muslim group, police also arrested Ahyad Saepuloh (28) after allegedly loading hate speech content via Facebook’s social media. The offender wrote a post containing insults against the president and linked the ustaz persecution to the PKI issue.

Saepuloh was arrested after the Cyber ​​Crime Unit of West Java Police conducted patrol on Wednesday (21/2). From there, police get nine accounts belonging to Ahyad, among them Ugie Khan and Ugie Khan I and Ugie Khan II. Shortly thereafter, the police moved and secured the suspect at Jalan Batu Renggat, Kelurahan Cigondewah

District Bandung Kulon, Bandung.

Ahyad Saepuloh was named as a suspect in a case of hate speech after the beating of a Pesantren cleric in Cicalengka KH Umar Basri and Commander of the Brigade Persis, the late Ustaz Prawoto.

Directorate of Special Criminal Investigation (Ditreskrimsus) Polda West Java Pol Kombes Samudi explained, the concerned post the message as if the action was a propaganda PKI. According to him, the perpetrator wrote a message on his Facebook that the beating of the ulama by a lunatic as a form of revival of the PKI continued to take casualties up to 16 events.

“The data we get that the incident there are 16 cases, it is pronounced as if scholars. After we investigate, of the 16 cases of true victims of the cleric, it is only 2 cases. The other 14 were hoaks, “said Samudi in West Java Police Headquarters Soekarno Hata street Bandung, Wednesday (28/2).

Samudi added, the 14 cases are incidents that happen to ordinary people. Then, the investigator searches for the spread of the message. “Then, got an account on Facebook UGIE KHAN. This is the first to propagate that these ulama who became victims were caused by the PKI, “he said.

Propaganda and the Hoaks
For the propaganda of the PKI, Ahyad posted on September 18, 2017, which reads, “Weird bin is magical! President Jokowi Messaging Gebuk PKI, But Police Gebuk Residents Anti PKI. ”

As for hoaks ulama, Ahyad posted on January 27, 2018 reads, ‘The rancid bastards of the PKI have started blatantly ,,! He is KH. Umar Basri, the caretaker of Ponpes Al Hidayah, was beaten blindly while reciting at the place of worship. Please always be vigilant in every region because those who hate clerics have dared to blatantly attack the ulama! ‘

Then, on February 1, 2018, Ahyad again posted ‘Inalillahi Ustadz become a victim again! Ustadz Prawoto the guardian of the dead cleric killed with a crowbar! Yesterday Cicalengka KH Basri was beaten badly! Now in Cigondewah! Tomorrow who else !!!! The rancid PKI scoundrels are beginning to be bright! Please always be vigilant in every area because those who hate clerics have dared to blatantly attack the clerics! #satukan_kekjaga kekaga #Consulting #Consult

Evidence is secured in between, three mobile units with a set with phone number and external memory. As a result of his actions, Ahyad snared Article 45 letter A paragraph 2, article 28 paragraph 2 of Law RI number 19/2016 on Eletronic Information Transaction (ITE) with the threat of imprisonment up to six years.




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