Animals Hearing Tortured Ridden Tombs

Graves are the last place for the dead. Graves are a place for those who live to deliver the dead. Mayit was buried there, in a gripping and unfriendly room. Graves can also be a place to shed tears.

From Hani ‘Maula Uthman ibn Affan he said Uthman Radhiyallahuanhu if he stopped at a grave, he cried until his beard was wet. When he was asked; Why is it that when it is called heaven and hell you are not even crying, and if you are crying?

I heard, he said, Rasulullah SAW. said:

“Graves are the beginning of a stopover; if he can survive from it, then the aftermath is easier for him; but if it does not survive, everything after that is much heavier. ”

Still said Uthman, Prophet Muhammad. said:

“I have never seen a sight, other than a more terrible grave.” (Tirmidhi and Ibn Majah, Saheeh Ibn Majah 3442, see Shahih Attarghib wa Tarhib 3550).

Animals Hearing Tortured Ridden Tombs

After being abandoned by the introduction, the dead will soon experience the natural event of the grave. At the time of torture, the animals heard the torture.

From Ibn Mas’ud Radhiyallahuanhu, Prophet Muhammad SAW. said:

“The deceased person is tortured in his grave until the animal hears the torture.” (Thabrani in Al-Kabir and is recovered in Sahih At-Targib wat Tarhib, see Ash-Shahihah 1377).

If the animal hears, then it is different from the living human being. The torture of the grave is utterly inaudible to the living.

From Anas Radhiyallahuanhu, Prophet Muhammad SAW. said:

“If you do not bury each other, I ask God to hear the punishment of the grave I hear you” (Muslim 2867).

May we be kept from the painful punishment of the grave. May we hear the sounds of goodness and hasten to do good.




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