The Toxic Fruit Is Named A Luxury Lifestyle

“And if We are about to destroy a land, We command the people who live in the land of luxury (in order to obey God), but they do the iniquity of the land. Then it is appropriate for him to speak (Our stipulation), then We destroy the land in its disintegration “(al-Isra ‘: 16).

Flood in the rainy season, drought during dry season, uncertain season, extreme weather, acid rain, erosion and loss of soil fertility. Plant pest attacks, toxic contents on the food, unhygienic groundwater due to polluted, air that is no longer clean and fresh, the outbreak of diseases caused by the air is inhaled and the beverages diasup already contaminated. And so on, and so forth. That is a series of real nature damage that was originally full of beauty and balance.

What caused the damage? Wild beasts in the woods, or invisible jinn? Oh, not them. Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala shows the answer in a succinct and clear way: man!

“It has been seen that the damage on land and sea is caused by the deeds of human hands …” (ar-Ruum: 41).

With this verse Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala tells the faithful that the destruction of natural resources is nothing but the result of the destruction of human resources, especially the spiritual / mental / cultural damage.

In al-Isra ‘: 14 above, Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala explicitly mentions certain classes of mankind, that is, people of high economic standard and adhering to a luxurious lifestyle. God is not the origin of calling. His mention is a very clear sign that the type of person with that type has great potential in causing environmental damage.

When we look at the reality in the field, luxurious lifestyle indeed often lead to ecosystem problems. Starting from the process of acquiring property until the time of its use, we can see very clearly proved to be the biggest cause of environmental damage.

The lavish lifestyle adherents everywhere have commonly traveled by car even if only alone, but if you want to be honest with a bicycle pedal alone is enough. They do not think about the ecological impact of their choice. If only his electric-powered car and power plant system in his country is “healthy”, certainly not so a problem. But in reality the car was fueled by petroleum fuels that certainly cause pollution, especially still imported from abroad. It’s really a long series of lifestyle sins like that, but they do not want to understand.

They do not want to understand. Perhaps the reason is ecological stupidity, or may already know theoretically but already addicted. Probably also due to environmental and cultural influences.

The adherents of luxury lifestyle also menazimkan themselves shopping products manufacturer that when the food product is added synthetic ingredients that damage the health. Problem packaging, product manufacturers usually adhere to “madzhab israfi”, excessive. Excessive packaging leads to a significant spike in the volume of inorganic waste, thus becoming a major environmental problem. Not to mention the process of production, promotion, and distribution that also cause contamination, both in air, land, and water.

The producers of the environmentally-friendly products are mostly also of the luxury lifestyle. For the sake of money, in order to boost sales figures, they held a luxury lifestyle campaign that has the potential to damage the environment. And fatalnya, the ads they publish and the ease of shopping they offer are able to hypnotize many people. No wonder that modern society is experiencing an advanced ecological stupidity.

Various kinds of environmental damage occurs due to the earthquake shrinking lifestyle. Then the various problems of life emerged as a further impact. Food, health, population, destroyed by the effects of natural damage. And sadly, until now environmental problems have not received a deep attention, efforts to handle it new surface. And the most unfortunate is, the campaigners of Islam itself is mostly still experience ecological stupidity. They feel innocent while doing hedonist practice.

Ecological stupidity among Muslims seems to have departed from a narrowed akhlaq understanding. Akhlaq new interpreted as a good relationship between human beings only. How to interact with the living environment is escaped for review. In fact, the ecological behavior (wisdom of the environment) is a concrete manifestation of human morality towards Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala. Being wise in the environment is a demand of faith. For this discussion we will probably focus on the next issue.

To be sure, we hope that the damages of nature that has occurred at this time will make us realize to be submissive to the order of life that Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala outline.




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