Nationalism perpetuates Israel’s occupation of Palestine

US President Donald Trump in his speech at the White House (7/12/2017) has announced the recognition that Al Quds (Jerusalem) is the capital of the State of Israel. He then ordered the Foreign Ministry to move the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Al Quds. Then followed up with real action to bring down troops to carry out expulsion in the city of Jerusalem. War broke out.

The Islamic world also reacts to this event. Their form of reaction ranged from criticizing, condemning, fundraising, sending humanitarian missions to Palestine, demonstrating, doing istighosah / prayer together, etc. Repeatedly the Palestinian-Israeli crisis, the reaction begins from the people of the Muslim countries, not even from the rulers of the Muslim lands. The rulers of the Muslim lands appear to be slow in response, or if they respond only to camouflage in showing their concern for the Palestinian-Israeli crisis. Why do I say camouflage? We know that the regimes of Muslim countries never really oppose the injustice of the US and Israel. But they follow the direction of US policy and lie to their people as if they really care and seek solutions to the Palestinian-Israeli crisis.

The US party claimed before Trump announced it, first communicating with the majority of Muslim rulers. Trump communicates with King Salman, Abbas, Abdullah, Al-Sisi, Muhammad VI, etc. After the Muslims reacted to the US policy, the regimes of Muslim countries that joined the OIC and made a deal stated that Al Quds, Jerusalem remains as the capital of Palestine. The statement of the regimes of Muslim countries is obviously only an empty tongue. Can it be just a statement then the problem will be finished, while there is no real action. The United States alone deploys troops to carry out expulsions as a follow-up to their statements, then what are the concrete reactions of the regimes of Muslim countries with their statements?

If the people of the Muslim lands simply condemned, condemned, prayed together, sent humanitarian missions, and the like because that was the only thing people could do against the Israeli occupation because the people had no power. Whereas the Muslim regimes of unmerited power only reacted equally to the common people but had to prevent the tyranny of the United States and Israel over Palestine. Their power is not used to help the religion of God, not used to glorify Islam and Muslims.

The continuing problem of Palestinian-Israeli because the regime of the Muslim countries does not really do the fundamental solution, it does not really make the invaders of the Muslims as the enemy but the master. They always refer to the US in solving the Palestinian problem. Through the hands of the UN. Sitting with the diplomatic colonizers to determine the solution or through the real EU of the harbid unbelievers who will obviously never provide solutions for the Islamic world, and through the international family according to western direction. The result is not far from the “truce” and the “two-state solution” of a partial pragmatic solution that will never touch the underlying problem. So the problem will continue to recur in the future.

Israeli occupation of Palestine is a matter of state occupation of the State. So to eliminate the colonization must also by the State level. Not by an individual or community level like sending a humanitarian mission. The problem of colonization is also a matter of confronting physical barriers, so physical activity should not be just a prayer together but the regime of Muslim countries should send troops that if they are united inevitably the numbers will be very numerous and very easy to defeat the Israeli and US troops. But this will never happen when Muslim countries still bear nationalism. Because of the nationalism that makes Muslims divided into small countries are powerless, so that the spoils of the imperialists. The ruler was not an independent ruler who only became the colonizer agents who would not be able to move except on his old direction.

Muslims must realize that the solution to Palestine must touch the underlying problem. If Muslims want to see Palestine freed then it must unite to fight for a unifying institution of the Ummah, which will be led by the Caliph, which will become a superpower and independent country does not follow Western direction. Spreading da’wah and jihad all over the world. With the principle of national state impossible united Muslims, impossible regime of Muslim countries really against the Israeli occupation of Palestine.




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