Discuss Threat Indonesia, Wantim MUI: Communism Fact, not Myth

Advisory Council of the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) asserted that communism as one of the threats of the ideology of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI) is a real and perceived indication.

“This is not a myth but a fact,” said Chairman Wantim MUI, Prof. Din Syamsudin presided over the 15th plenary meeting at the MUI office in Jakarta recently.

He reveals, communism as ideology and communist who is the adherents of it, is reality, both literally and empirically clear apparition related to communism.

Like, Din says, the tendency to pit, divide, and so on.

Therefore, the former Chairman of PP Muhammadiyah regretted the existence of a permissive culture that seemed to assume no threat of communism.

“The assumption of communism is just an illusion precisely adding to the dangers of this nation,” he said.

To be known, the MUI Advisory Council consists of dozens of heads of Islamic organizations throughout Indonesia, who are in charge of providing input to the MUI’s Board of Directors. *




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