You Must Know, It Causes The Birth of a heresy

In addition to announcing ten criteria of heresy, the Indonesian Ulama Council (MUI) also explained the cause of the birth.

“The cause of the birth of heretical sects, they interpret the argument naqli without the basis of science and norms of muktabarah (recognized, red),” explained Chairman of the Commission of Studies and Research Majelis Ulama Indonesia (MUI), Prof. Debt Ranuwijaya in Central MUI Office, Jakarta, Thursday / 10/2017).

“Interpreting the argument of naqli with lust, obscure the true religious teachings deliberately,” he added.

Prof. Debt explains another factor of the birth of heretical sects is the hearing of a person to thinking outside of Islam. Such thoughts include Orientalist, liberal and Zindik thought.

In addition to influenced thinking outside of Islam, teachings and traditions from outside Islam also influenced the birth of heretical sects. “As well as other deviant teachings,” he continued.

MUI also took steps to deal with heresy. According to Prof. Debt has at least two categories in handling it.

“Resolved through tausyiah where the community is willing to be guided by the MUI and declared back to the right path,” said Prof. Debt.

“The second handling is through a false fatwa to a stream that is declared heretical and misleading,” he concluded.




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