MUI: A total of 114 False Flows Spread In West Java

Since 2000 and up to now, Majelis Ulama Indonesia (MUI) of West Java Province has detected 144 streams or deviant teachings to perverts spread throughout the Jabar region.

General Secretary of MUI West Java Province Rafani Achyar said, from 144 deviant streams that are quite attention is the flow of “Life Behind Life”, “Holy Quran”, “Eden of Eden”, “Milah Ibrahim”, “Siliwangi Panjalu” “Lia Eden”, and “Al-Qiyadah Al-Islamiyah”.

“The existence of his teachings spread in some areas but most found in Cirebon, Bogor and Bandung,” said Achyar, as quoted by Antara on Monday (1/2) after leading the pronunciation of two sentences shahadat Jabar victims Gafatar in West Java Social Service , City Cimahi, Monday.

“That enough attention that there is a citizen named Sayuti Bandung. He’s a barber who claims to be a prophet, “he said.

Achyar said that MUI West Java will continue to work as much as possible to overcome the existence of 144 heretical sect. But what he thinks to be difficult is, the aliaran / teachings often appear briefly to the public surface and then disappear again.

“Something that comes up continues to disappear and continue to appear again with a new face or name. It is indeed difficult for us, “he said.

Furthermore he said one of the aliaran deviant enough attention today is the mass movement Movement Fajar Nusantara (Gafatar).

“Actually we from MUI have detected the existence of this Gafatar since 2012 and we judge they are reincarnation of Al Qiyadah Al Islamiyah led by Ahmad Musadeq,” said Rafani.




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