Aceh Ulama Continues to Prevent Cruel Flow

The Majelis Consultative Assembly (MPU) of Central Aceh continually strives to prevent the influx of heretical sects into the Gayo Highlands, although no such indications have been found. Two Fatwa MPU Aceh about heresy continues to be socialized to the community, especially the ulama from 15 districts.

Two Fatwa MPU Aceh that is No. 04/2007 on the Identification of Cultural Flows and No 04/2011 on Criteria Aqidah Ahhlusunnah wal Jamaah. Activities followed dozens of scholars are held in the hall of the MPU Aceh Tengah, Takengon, Saturday (15/11/2014).

Head of Central Aceh MPU Secretariat, Drs Mursalin accompanied by Head of Public Relations and Trial, Amiruddin SAg MA said summoning all ulama in 15 sub-districts in order to prevent the entry of heresy. Mentioned, the participants came from 15 MPU Kecamatan, including from the Office of the Ministry of Religious Affairs, dayah, Baitul Mal and Dinas Syariat Islam.

“We hope that these scholars will be able to disseminate the two Fatwa MPU Aceh about heresy to the community, because they have entered Aceh,” said Mursalin. As reported by the porch. He hoped that the participants who were the ulama could submit the fatwa through a number of meetings or also in an activity in the community.

He stated that Central Aceh Regency hopes that the deviant sect will not enter the area. But, he said, citizens are encouraged to respect each other’s differences of opinion, because it is a mercy and there should be no division in society, because everything can be discussed well.

Concerning Ahlussunah Wal Jamaah, Mursalin explains the people to stay guided from the true source of the Quran, Hadith, Ijma ‘, and Qiyas. He hopes, through this activity, preventing the entry of heretical sects into Central Aceh will be prevented more quickly.

Meanwhile, Vice Chairman of the MPU Tgk H Isa Umar SAg conveyed, anti-Islamic influence and heretical sects always stalked Muslims in various ways. He stated one way that the group did by backing Islam through the younger generation.

“The proof, let us see now, the number of ulama is decreasing, especially the scholars are charismatic and this becomes the gap entrance of heresy because the supervision of the scholars began to decrease,” he said. He explained that there is a spread of understanding that causes the ulama are no longer respected. “For that, let us improve the faith and supervise the younger generation by encouraging children to study the science of Islam,” he said.




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