The Perfect Prayer Movement and Its Benefits On The Health Of The Human Body

Muslims are commanded to perform the obligatory prayers for 5 days in one day. Of the total time, a Muslim is required to do as many as 17 prayer rallies. So it requires a person to perform 17 prayer movements each day. Not to mention the sunnah worship service that can also be done every day, so that within a day of course a Muslim can move their body according to the prayer movement as much as more than 17 times.

It actually provides many advantages for Muslims. Because, according to various scientific studies, surprisingly the movement of prayer is a movement that gives a positive influence on the side of human health. So diligently working on prayer means a positive impact on the health of the body.

Starting from taqbiratul ikhram movement. The movement begins by standing upright, then lifting both hands up to the ear, then folding it in front of the lower chest. This movement is useful to smooth the flow of blood, lymph (lymph), and arm muscle strength. In addition, this movement also allows blood to flow smoothly throughout the body because when lifting both hands, shoulder muscles stretch so that the flow of oxygen-rich blood to be smooth.

Followed by ruku movements’. That is the movement done by bending the body by using the hand as a mat on the knee straight. Ruku ‘is perfect done by making the back position is very straight, so if someone put a glass of water, then the water will not spill. The benefits of this movement is to maintain the perfection of the position and function of the spine as a buffer of the body and nerve center. The position of the heart will also be parallel to the brain, so it can create a maximum blood flow in the central body.

The i’tidal movement is performed every time you run the prayer is also not miss the benefits, this movement is a very good digestion exercise. The organs of the digestive organs in the stomach experience massage and relaxation in turn. Finally, the movement is very positive impact on the digestion process more smoothly.

Then the prostration motion is beneficial to make the flow of lymph pumped into the neck and armpits, the movement menyebbabkan position janting above the brain that makes oxygen-rich blood can flow to the maximum part of the brain. And sitting between the prostration is also useful to avoid the pain in the groin that often causes suffering unable to walk, it is because of the position of the foot that pushed the floor or prayer floor.

Thus the benefits of the prayer movement is extraordinary, therefore praying is a very important thing, because apart from a religious command, it also has a positive impact on health.




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