The Importance of Building Islamic Izzah Attitude

There are important things that must be built among Muslims today, namely to believe and feel the existence of Islam, the height of Islam, the glory of Islam, and the authority of Islam. So as a Muslim when bringing himself as a Muslim it is not being ingrati-ingih not confident of Islam. Because God has affirmed with His Word:

Do not be weak, and do not grieve, though you are the most tallest, if you are believers. [QS. Ali ‘Imran 139]

A simple example: When a Muslim rides in public, has already said the greetings of Islam assalaamu ‘alaikum warahmatullaahi wabarakaatuh, that is the best regards. Because of that greetings in the form of respect and prayer in Islam. That Islam is ya’luu walaa yu’laa, superior and not surpassed. So no longer need to feel inferior or even guilty when sufficient greetings of Islam that contains the blessing and prayer of God’s blessing.

This is what needs to be built on every Muslim, namely ‘izzah Islam, altitude, glory, and Islamic prestige that we always believe.

When the Islamic izzah has been uprooted from the chests of the Muslims, it turns into Muslims who are inferior in front of anyone, except in front of the Muslims who become plerokan his (enemy). That’s two mistakes. In front of people who are not attached to Islam (not believing in Islam), even feel inferior, but in front of Muslims who in the original attached to Islam, even dare mentang-mentang even nantangin, sometimes. Conspiring with the bithonah min dunikum and the tardho walan again. How reversed, and how apprehensive it is. Do not remember akherat, then. Yet the example of the Prophet and his companions who even praised by Allah Ta’ala is asyiddaau ‘alal kuffar, and mutual affection of fellow Muslims.

Muhammad is the messenger of Allah and those who are with him are hard against the unbelievers, but affectionate to their fellowmen. You see them ruku ‘and prostrate for the grace of God and His pleasure, their signs appear on their faces from the former prostration. Thus are their attributes in the Torah and their attributes in the Gospel, that is, as a plant that takes out its shoots, the bud makes the plant stronger and becomes great and perpendicular to its foundation; it pleases the cultivators because God wants to annoy the hearts of the unbelievers (with the power of the believers). Allah promises to those who believe and do righteous deeds among them forgiveness and great reward. [QS. Al-Fath 29]

Such is the attitude that should be for every Muslim. Because the example praised by Allah Ta’ala is: Muhammad is the messenger of Allah and those who are with him are hard against the unbelievers, but are affectionate to their neighbor. (Surah Al-Fath 29)

Unfortunately, now the symptoms are reversed. In love with kafirin, but plerokan (musuhan) with fellow Muslims. This backlash needs to be straightened out, so as not to get too far. When it goes too far, it can fall into a very fatal mistake. Among them so do not believe themselves in the Islamic izzah, it has been said greeting Islam (which is the highest value), still dioplos with other greetings (beliefs) that even contain polytheism. Because the other greetings (beliefs) have a special meaning that is thick with belief outside of Islam, which according to Islam is clearly phasid.

Hopefully with the warnings that arouse the spirit of the importance of fostering Islamic ideology in the attitude and mental of Muslims like this, Muslims avoid all self-cultivation, to self-confidence in his Islamic ideology, and not fall into the mistakes that are not necessary especially fatal as polytheism and such. Aamiin ya Rabbal ‘alamiin.




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