How Do Salaf Fast ?

“O you who believe! It is prescribed for you to fast as prescribed for those before you so that you may be cautious. (Ie) certain days. So whoever among you is sick or on the way (then does not fast), then (must compensate) as much as the day (which he did not fast it) on other days. And for those who are heavy to do it, must pay fidyah, that is feeding a poor person. But whoever with willingness to do the policy, then it is better for him, and your content is better for you if you know. “(Surat al-Baqarah: 183-184)

Fasting, as the word of God, has been determined the number of days. Even determined the number of hours count. The month of Ramadan is 720 hours, or 696 hours, and in every minute of the month it has price and value. The Salaf and the Companions – may Allah’s blessings be upon them – always look forward to the month-month in Ramadan from year to year, as narrated in a hadith that the Sahabahs say, when Rajab comes, “O Allah, help us to worship You are in Rajab and Sha’ban month, and allow us to meet Ramadan “.

Since Ramadan is an annual opportunity to cleanse the soul, spirit and body, its influence on the human spirit and the body is not as great as the soul. The activity of worship of the soul is many in number, and as much as the body receives the share of suffering in this worship, the body will receive part of the light.
This is why jihad is the highest peak of Islam, because jihad is the highest suffering and the most difficult religious activity to perform. The greatest reply, its influence to the deepest soul and the result in building the soul and increasing monotheism is enormous.

Therefore there are religious activities related to one’s possessions. However, this effect is for the soul of little leibh than the worship associated with someone’s body.

Thus, zakat has a profound effect on the soul, because zakat cleans the soul of the greedy nature. One can not truly feel sympathy for the poor, if they do not feel their own suffering, live as they live and feel hunger as they are starving. If you feel hungry, then your body feels stronger and more able to survive, then at that moment, you will be happy, because it can sacrifice something and purify yourself from greed.

Likewise with jihad. Jihad with one’s possessions does not purify a person’s soul as much as if the jihad is done directly by that person. Therefore, Islam does not free some of the companions of jihad’s duty to participate directly into the field of jihad, regardless of its position in society, and no matter how good its reputation is, as in the case of Uthman ibn Affan r.a.

The Salaf – May Allah’s blessings be upon them – will calculate Ramadan to a matter of minutes. They will pray behind Ubayy bin Ka’ab and Umar bin Khathab for the tarawih prayer behind him – and they will need a stick to support their bodies, for standing too long in prayer, and the companions will say, “We are afraid we will miss the sahur, because praying behind Ubayy and we fear the dawn will come, which causes us to miss the blessed meal – they call the meal as a blessed food, our sons and daughters are busy preparing this meal “.

It is narrated from some of the Tabi’in, and who came after them, related to the Salat and the Qur’an, that some of them recited the reading of the Qur’an 60 times in the month of Ramadan and this is particularly narrated in relation to Imam Shafi’i , he recited the Qur’an once during the day and once in the night. Some of the others recited the Holy Qur’an once in the day and night, and others held it every three days, until entering the last ten days of Ramadan, where they would pray in the mosque, recite once-daily readings.

To recite the Qur’an once a day is easy, if we confirm the intention to read the Qur’an slowly (tartil) will take about 24 hours, and if read faster will take about 10 hours.

It becomes possible for those who memorized the Qur’an to read a single juz in 20 minutes, allowing it to cry 30 juz in ten hours. I was told Abu Hasan Ali Nadwi: “I have seen my teacher, and some of them do not speak at all during Ramadan. They are only related to the activities of worship, whether prayers or even the Qur’an. If someone talks to them they will count their words and count them in minutes and seconds. ”

Therefore, the Salaf, like Imam Malik will repeat until teaching time, saying, “Indeed Ramadan is for prayer and reciting the Qur’an”.

In the month of Ramadan, the doors are opened and the doors of hell are closed, and the demons are chained. This is something that happens, as one who can be trusted to have contact with the jinn-who later regrets-tells his friend, “When one asks the djinni whose friend wants to hear some news, they say:” We are not active in the month of Ramadan “. Previously thought that they were jinn who believed, so the brand prayed and fasted with me. However, upon hearing their answer I realized that they were demons / devils (pagan genie).

So, this is something that is physical, not metaphoric or figurative. The demons are chained and they can not move freely and seduce humans. Large Jin-jin or small jinn leaders are allowed to roam.

Ramadan is the month of jihad, Abdullah ‘Azzam advises the believers not to leave a day during Ramadan. As the story of Abdullah Azzam who was in Qatar, or Emirates, and was told: “Our brothers in America call, asking if you can go there and spend the last ten days of Ramadan with them?” Abdullah Azzam replied: “Subhanallah! I spent the last ten days of Ramadan and left Jalalabad, Qandahar and Kabul erupted? An hour in these places is better than standing for 60 years, and why am I going to enter America, even in Ramadan? ”

The hadith of the Prophet sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam, “Ribat a day in the way of Allah is better than a thousand days elsewhere, bhkan though someone (who is not ribat) it is fasting at noon and praying all night”. (Narrated by Tirmidhi and An-Nasa’i).

The Prophet sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam experienced a terrible battle in the holy month of Ramadan. So in the month of Ramadan, jihad has a very important meaning, which actually increases the test of faith for a believer, as he has exemplified.

Do not wake up late during Ramadan, because Ramadan is a time for prayer, fasting, and begging God’s forgiveness in the hours of the morning. Open your house with dates and water, or in the mosque and reserve dates and water in the mosque for those who may break the glorious place. There is happy news for those who provide food for people who break their fast:

“Whoever provides food for those who break their fast, they will get the same reward as those who fast, without reducing the reward of the fasting man.” Although, just a date. So compete for this reward.

Open in the mosque, then pray Maghrib. Go home, eat as much as God wants to eat, segtelah it read istighfar while waiting for prayer time isya ‘. After that shaslat isya ‘and tarawih in the mosque, then go home. Eat sahur and special at that time. In addition, sahur is a blessed meal. A good time to read istighfar is at the first hour of the morning (dawn).

So after eating the meal, immediately berwulu and carry out a few rakah tahajud prayer, and bring yourself to Allah Owners of Glory: God menunddukan heaven at the lowest position in the last third night, Allah Ta’ala asked: “Whoever calls me, then I answer , Whoever asks Me, then I grant, Whoever begs My forgiveness, then I forgive ‘.

May the Lord of Rabbits grant the pleas of the Muslims to be blotted out of the sins he ever committed. Go back holy and clean like white paper, on ‘Idul Fitri’ holiday, later. Wallahu’alam. from the story of jihad abdullah azzam.




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