Ethics Giving Quran to Christian Friends to Not Be Offended


I would like to ask how can I send the Quran and its translations to my Christian friend, but I am not angry and offended? I am eager for him to get Islamic guidance from Allah SWT. It’s just that I’m confused how I told him when giving the Quran? Jazakumullah khair before.


Assalamu ‘alaikm warahmatullahi wabarakatuh,

If you are expecting your friend who is not in your religion to convert to Islam, then it is not always necessary to give him the holy book of the Qur’an. Giving him the holy book of the Quran is indeed an option, but the choice must still be tailored to the needs, situation, condition and direction of the conversation.

Because it could be as you are worried, once you give the gift of the Qur’an, in fact he was offended, angry and felt forced or cornered to convert to Islam. Yet it could be your intention is good and noble, but if you do not pay attention to many factors, noble intentions that can turn into a disaster. And this is certainly not what we expect, right?

One thing is certain in this matter and you must accept, that we can only try, invite, menghmbau or hope. As for how the results, all have become the decree of Allah SWT.

Did not Rasulullah SAW have repeatedly membujk beloved pamanda -Abi Talib- to pronounce two sentences shahadah? But eventually, he died without ever becoming a believer. In this case God is True when he says:

Surely you will not be able to guide the people you love, but Allah gives guidance to His will, and Allah knows those who will receive guidance. (Surah Al-Qashash: 56)

If the hope and effort of a prophet Muhammad SAW who is a lover of God, may still fail and not meet expectations, what else with our hopes and efforts, which only human and many sins.

Therefore in addition to the effort, pray to Allah Almighty, so that your friend is straightened his way, illuminated his life, eased his affairs in accepting guidance. May Allah SWT be pleased to lead him into his religion, so that he can gather with the believers.

Formerly the Prophet’s prayer to Allah that Umar bin Al-Khattab convert to Islam was heard by him. Although he actually requested that two Umar who convert to Islam, but granted only one of them, namely Umar bin Al-Khattab ra.

Today there is nothing wrong for you to say a prayer bizhahril ghaib. That is, without having to know that you are praying for him. Pray in the middle of the night when you’re kneeling to God, in the middle of a sleeping man. Pray in a weak voice, ask Allah, the Most Gracious God to His servants. Precious and sincere prayer and come from the deepest conscience.

The following tips may be you can also run in an effort to invite people to Islam.

1. Be an Example in Islam.

The point is before you invite people to Islam, practice first all the teachings of Islam in you. Because most people do not want to convert to Islam justrui because they see that the only one is not serious to practice religion.

Pray time 5 timely and make the prayer as smber your soul power, zakat your order according to the rules, fasting in the month of Ramadan do not ever left, close the aurat as ordered, make mandate, fulfill the rights of others, stay away from slander, ghibah, gossip and things that harm others.

In short all the teachings of Islam you need to do properly and with sincere motivation for God. Only then will others respect your da’wah.

2. Bring with gentleness, not coercion

Inviting others to convert to Islam should not be arbitrary, coercive or discrediting. Let that person determine his own attitude. For Allah SWT has said:

Call upon the way of your Lord with wisdom and good lessons and dispute them in a good way. Your Lord is He who knows better than who is lost from His ways, and He is the one who knows the guided. (Surah An-Nahl: 125)

There is no compulsion for religion; in fact it is clearly the right path rather than a misguided path. (Surah Al-Baqarah: 256)

But as a mandate, you still have an obligation to convey information about Islam to anyone who is not a Muslim. Therefore, while maintaining adab and courtesy, deliver it slowly and with no less respect, all things related to the principles of Islamic teachings.

Wassalamu ‘alaikm warahmatullahi wabarakatuh,
Ahmad Sarwat, Lc.




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