In the reign of Caliph Syaidina Umar bin Khatab, there was a warlord who was respected by opponents and loved by friends. The warlord who had never lost in his career led the army on the battlefield. Both when he was still a commander of Quraish, and after he converted to Islam and became Muslim warlord. He is * General Khalid bin Walid *.

Her name is fragrant everywhere. Everyone praised him and cheered him up. Where he went was always greeted with shouts, “Khalid life, General life, life War Commander, live God’s Sword of the Drop.” Yes! .. he got the title directly from Rasulullah SAW who call it * The Sword of Allah that is *.

In a battle he once defeated the Byzantine army forces with a total of 240,000 troops. Though the Muslim forces he led at that time only amounted to 46,000 people. With his shrewdness set the strategy, the battle can be won easily. Enemy troops ran away.

That is * Khalid bin Walid *, he is not even afraid to face a much more opponent.

There is one interesting story from Khalid bin Walid. He was perfect in his field; war strategist, master all weapons, good at riding, and charismatic in the midst of his soldiers. He is also not arrogant and airy chest even though he is in the peak of popularity.

At one point, while he was on the front line, leading the battle, suddenly came a messenger from Amir al-mu’minin, Syaidina Umar bin Khatab, who delivered a letter. In the letter is a short message, “I hereby declare General Khalid bin Walid to be deposed as warlord.

Receiving the news, of course, the general was so upset that he could not sleep. He constantly thought about the reasons for his dismissal. What error have I done? It was something that raged through his mind at that time.

As a good soldier, obedient to the boss, he immediately prepared to face the Caliph Umar Bin Khatab. Before leaving he handed the command of war to his successor.

Arriving in front of Umar he greeted, “Assalamualaikum ya Amirul mukminin! Immediately! I received a letter of dismissal.Is I really fired?”

“Walaikumsalam warahmatullah! True Khalid!” Answered the Caliph.

“If the issue is dismissed it is your right as a leader, but, if I may know, what is my fault?”

“You have no faults.”

“If I do not have a mistake why I am fired? Am I not capable of being a commander?”

“In this day and age you are the best commander.”

“Then why am I fired?” asked General Khalid, who could not contain his curiosity.

Caliph Umar bin Khatab replied calmly, “Khalid, you are the best general, the greatest warlord Hundreds of wars you have led, and never one loses Every day Society and soldiers always flatter you, I have never heard a person vilify but , remember Khalid, you too are ordinary people.too many people who praise is not impossible arises in your heart arrogant while God very hate people who have a sense of arrogance ”

” Being dust of arrogance in the heart then hell blasted your place. Therefore, forgive me my brother, to keep you forced this time you I fired. So that you may know, let alone before God, in front of Umar you can not do anything! ”

Hearing the answer, General Khalid was stunned, shaken, and faltering. And with all his strength he immediately embraced Khalifah Umar.

As she cried she whispered, “Thank you, Khalifah, you are my brother!”

Imagine …. thanked him after being fired, but he did not make any mistakes. Is there an important official today capable of such noble conduct? A lot happens instead of fighting, defending the job desperately, seeking support, looking for friends, seeking justification, or finding other people’s mistakes so that their mistakes are covered.

Let alone fired from a very prestigious position, ‘failure’ or delays in the course of a career is often not acceptable with a roomy chest. Finally all blamed, the system blamed, others blamed, all sued ….. even to the most extreme …. God was sued ..

Back to Khalid bin Walid, great again, after he was fired back to the battlefield. But, no longer as a warlord. He fought as an ordinary soldier, as a subordinate, led by his former subordinates yesterday.

Some of the soldiers were astonished to see the ex-brave commander still wanting to take part in the war. Though already fired. Then, some of them asked, “General, why are you still fighting when you’ve been fired.”

Khalid bin Walid replied calmly, “I am at war not because of the position, the popularity, nor the Caliph Umar, I am fighting solely for seeking the pleasure of Allah.”

A very beautiful footage of a General, a warlord, ” The sword of the wounded God ”

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