Hoax and Lamb Shoot Destroy Civilization Moreover Use Verse and Hadith

Professor of History and Islamic Civilization Faculty Adab UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Professor Azyumardi Azra said hoaks and sheep race can destroy civilization.

“Especially if the sheep are then wrapped using verses and hadiths to justify what is done,” he said in Jakarta, Tuesday (14/11/2017).

Therefore, the winner of the title of The Commander of the Order of British Empire of the Queen Elizabeth II, confirmed that hoaks and sheep must be resisted.

For the news of sheep clashed with verses or hadiths, Azyumardi suggested that people not directly believe and ask for clarification to the kiai or ulama.

“Kiai Haji Nazaruddin Umar (High Priest of Istiqlal Mosque), K.H. Said Aqil Siroj (Chairman of PBNU), or kiai kiai kampung is a kiai who has a depth of religious knowledge and they have authority related to the interpretation of a verse or hadith,” said Azyumardi.

News hoaks and sheep race that can divide between individuals, between groups, institutions and even between the community and the government is widespread to the community along with advances in information technology.

For that, said Azyumardi, people should be able to recognize the news hoaks and news of sheep fighting.

Usually, false news never existed in the mainstream media and the news was unreasonable either to certain officials, institutions, or institutions.

“I think we all who hold the gadgets must be careful, if there is an odd news do not necessarily be voiced because it will damage because that’s what is expected by those who make the sheep news,” he said as quoted from Antara.

On the other hand, Azyumardi said to counteract the emergence of radicalism should start from the family, especially in giving understanding to mutual respect for religious, cultural, and tribal differences.

“It must be grown from family, then to school, to the community because Indonesia is diverse and diverse,” he said.




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