Ustadz Arnold Al Gonzaga Explains the Vatican’s Caliphate

WWW.PRIBUMI.WIN – Ustadz Arnold Abdurrahman Al Gonzaga, builder of the Mualaf Center of Yogyakarta (MCY) describes the pope-style caliphate in the Vatican, Rome.

When contacted by, the convert from East Nusa Tenggara said that the Catholic congregation acknowledged the single leadership of the Pope.

“That’s the name of the Church hierarchy, they recognize the sole leadership of the Pope as the highest leader in the Vatican,” said the candidate who chose to convert to Islam on Monday (7/24/2017).

Arnold who converted to Islam after the year 2000, called the order of leadership hierarchy in Catholicism, the Pope is the supreme and single leader. In Islam it is called the Caliphate with the sole leader of the caliph.

“Under the Pope there are Cardinal, Bishop, then Pastor (Imam), and Deacon (candidate), then there is the Parish, under again the Chairman of the Region and chairman of Kring,” said Arnold.

The function of the leadership hierarchy to perform the ecclesiastical duties concerns the Church’s faithful life. In addition, Arnold says the hierarchy unites people in faith with guidance, advice and example.

“Whatever the policies and decisions of the Vatican is absolute, it must be obeyed by the ummah, until the lowest hierarchical group is its congregation,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Caliph is a leader of a Khilafah, a system of leadership of the ummah, using Islam as an Ideology and its laws referring to Al-Quran, Hadith, Ijma and Qiyas.




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