Talking Pornography and Pornoaction, the Fake Heaven of Capitalist Society

Pornography is one of the scary words for parents who have teenagers like me. One word that can also make the parents unconsciously protective and overly possessive of their children. Such a case has recently become a trending hot topic on social media. Two topics concerning pornography and porn action are circulating in the community.

The first about the circulation of a woman’s porn video with her lover in social media, where allegedly done a college student college in Depok, West Java. The student deliberately memvideokan action bersenggamanya with a man who notebene not her husband. Mbak who is accosted with HA (initials) is admitted that he made the video only for personal documents himself and without his knowledge spread by the parties who are not responsible. This shows that nowadays society is free to make and spread something, even though it will bring bad impact to society. Even the law itself is like losing a fang to give a deterrent effect on the perpetrator and its spread.

Second is the circulation of pornographic content through one of the social media applications What’sApp. Imagine if 35jt What’sApp users in Indonesia access the content is how many brains are filled with things that smell of pornography. Actually from the two events above, it is related that pornography and porno action not only damage the culprit but also damage the people who see or access the content. In this day and age, any information that we can access only with the touch of a finger only. With capital gadgets / android we can explore to any virtual world without any control, even pornographic content easily we can get. On the one hand technological advances make us easier to see the outside world, but on the other hand internet technology is the culprit of the increasing number of acts of pornography and sexual crimes in the community.

Understanding pornography if linked and based on Act No. 44 of 2008 article 1, Pornography is a picture, sketch, illustration, photo, writing, sound, sound, moving pictures, gestures or other forms of message through various forms of communication media or public performances which includes sexsual obscenity and exploitation that violate the moral norms of society. In chapters 4-12 of Law No. 44 of 2008 listed pornography understanding of persenggamaan, sexual violence, masturbation, nudity, or impressive display of nudity. Article 6 shall be subject to the prohibition of any person listening to, displaying, exploiting, possessing or storing pornographic products and being given an explanation therein “that the prohibition of saving or possessing does not belong to himself and his own interests.

Judging from the above description of the Act impressed that if a person doing porn for himself and consumed by himself it is allowed and can not be snared with the law under the pretext of Human Rights (Human Rights). This can happen because most people assume that a moral education and a person’s behavioral controller is only the task of the parents and himself.

Assume that the environment and government have no obligation to control one’s behavior and behavior. Their presumption is a false presumption because moral custody is our responsibility, the responsibility of the three forts, namely family, society, and the State. The three fortresses must have a harmonious understanding that pornography carries a very fatal influence and can trigger addiction in the brain. Pornography will also provide a sense of continuous curiosity, as well as difficulty controlling his passion in the real world. And that anything that has been seen by the eye, we can not remove it because once the eyes have seen, the porn content will settle in the brain and make the content lovers want to do more than just see it. Even if viewed content2 like that, seemed to be a profitable business event among the Cyber ​​Internet is not responsible.

A hadith narrated from Abu Sa’id Al Khudri radhiyallahu ‘anhu he said, “I heard the Prophet sallallaahu’ alaihi wa sallam said, ‘Whoever of you who sees munkar, let him change it with his hands. If not able then it should be with the verbal. And when it can no longer be with his heart, it is really weak-weak faith. ‘”(Muslim).

This shows that changing munkar is not just a one-man task but it becomes our duty to all family, society, and country as its biggest fortress. When the largest castle, the government, can not protect the wider community and the younger generation in particular

This shows that changing munkar is not just a one-man task but it becomes our duty to all family, society, and country as its biggest fortress. When the largest castle, the government, can not protect the wider community and the younger generation in particular, it will be difficult to dispel the speed of pornographic content content in the community. Even it seems common and common among teenagers. By putting aside their religious signs they do things that are not appropriate, the things that they regard as the heaven of the world, without them knowing they are only in a false paradise. Increasing number of cases of rape, pregnancy out of wedlock, babies who are wasted due to unlawful relationships even cases of underage children who have tasted pornographic content on the internet was no less numerous. These are all proof of the failure of the government / state in protecting its people because it is the government that has the right and authority to screen whatever goes into social media. Even the government seems to think trivial matters relating to pornography. The government considers only that physical development is important, regardless of the morally and moral development that is equally important to its people. This will certainly make the more difficult task of parents in keeping the baby so as not to fall into the problem of pornography and porno action.

Everything changes must begin from the self, from the smallest scope of a family to create a conducive atmosphere, an atmosphere of obedience to the creator of ALLOH SWT, and the presence of a sense of comfort and affection abounded to every member of the family. Then begin to care about whatever is in our immediate environment, by reminding each other and keeping each other in check. Desperately hoping that with every event the leaders can care more about their people and give more security. If from all three, family, society, and State have a harmonious and conscious understanding of solidarity to bring each individual into an awareness that everything and actions have legal consequences both in the world and in the hereafter. Wallhu a’lam bi ash showab.




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