Human Fitrah as Manager

If we ponder a question arises in us what is the purpose of our life in this world is it just living like any other creature?

In the Qur’an sura Al-Baqarah Allah says:

Remember when your Lord said to the Angels: “Behold, I will make a Caliph on the earth.” (Surat al-Baqarah: 30)

In the above verse Allah has declared one of the human tasks created by Allah SWT in this world to be the khalifah of Allah on this earth, namely as a leader on this earth, meaning what we are assigned to lead, love and care for all creatures God who is on this earth.

This means that this man is born to be a leader, both himself and lead the nature around him. Speaking of leaders there are 3 levels in leadership:

First: lead yourself, here we are all obliged to manage ourselves each, both in terms of our behavior, our morals, and our worship needs to be governed with the maximum possible.

Second: lead the family, this man is created by God in pairs, therefore we have an obligation to lead our family and keep it from the torment of hell fire.

Third: leading society, we are also obliged to lead the people around us by mutually advising, directing and competing in goodness.

Here are the stages in leadership and we will all go through this stage and we should prepare from now on, because in the hadith the Messenger of Allah “every one of you is a leader, and every leader will be held accountable”

Then our second task is Abdullah in his word Allah affirms,

“And I have not created jinn and men but that they may serve Me.” (Az-Zariyat: 56)

This verse is clear God declares to us that God will not create jinn and man except to worship, and serve to him. Meaning that Allah Almighty created man on earth has two main tasks that is dedication and become the representative of God to arrange this earth.

So, let us carry out the duties God has given on this earth as best we can to serve and be God’s representative on this earth.




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