Black Hole in the Qur’an

WWW.PRIBUMI.WIN – Perhaps the most important invention of modern cosmology is the so-called Black Hole which points to the very heavy stars of its mass. The star is an entity that passes through the forming phase, then it enlarges and progresses to the point of death. Well, the Black Hole is in the last phase. As the star’s volume grows on a large scale, its gravity rises to enormous boundaries, so it attracts everything, until light can not escape its immense gravity.

Therefore, we can not see this thing forever because it is very terssaljuyi. And that’s why it’s called the Black Hole. Scientists claim that this object runs in the universe at high speed and attracts every object that approaches it. If we asked astronomers to define this amazing creature scientifically and in accordance with their most recent discoveries, then they would say:

1. Black Hole is a heavy star mass and terssaljuyi so can not be seen. 2. This creature runs at speeds of up to tens of thousands of kilometers per second. 3. Black Hole pulls, presses, and cleans up everything it encounters on its way.

Well, now we are referring to the Qur’anic cues about the object. Allah says the literal meaning is as follows, ‘Then I swear by khunnas, which goes again sweep.’ (At-Takwir: 15-16)

Let us examine the meaning and extent of its compatibility with modern science data.

The word khunnas means something that is not visible forever. This word is formed from the word khanasa which means terssaljuyi. Therefore, the devil in an an-Nas letter is called khannas because he is invisible. The word al-jawari means walking or running. And the word al-khunnas taken from the word kanasa which means pulling something close and gathering to him strongly. And this is exactly what happened to the Black Hole, just as the Qur’an speaks.

The Qur’an Outperforms Astronomers

Sain mentions this thing with the Black Hole, but this naming is not correct. Because the term ‘Hole’ means empty, and it is completely opposite to the stars that have such a heavy mass. And the word ‘Black’ is also not scientifically correct, because it has no color, because it does not produce a visible light.

Therefore, the word khunnas is a word that correctly describes the nature of the creature. And the word khunnas which means that sweep we find at the end of scientific articles about this creature. Even scientists say, ‘It sweeps out space.’

The picture above shows a star’s outburst as it runs out of its entire fuel, and he begins to form a Black Hole (khunnas), because the energy in this star is no longer enough for him to exist as a star. This is what causes the star to fade and increase its gravity. And therefore the Qur’an calls this thing the word al-jawari al-khunnas which means that walk and run.

Facts and Figures

Regarding the weight, the Earth’s black hole is less than a centimeter in diameter! And the Black Hole weighing the sun was diamenternya only 3 km. Subhan Allah!

The medium size Black Hole weighs 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 kilograms, or 10 to 31, with a diameter of 30 km only. There are many Black Holes at the center of our galaxy and other galaxies, and the other weighing millions of times the weight of the sun.

How Do Scientists See These Things?

How can he be seen while he does not emit light? There was the thought of a researcher that the Black Hole had a certain size, and he walked in space. He will surely pass in front of a star so that the light is closed from us, like the eclipse of the sun. After the idea was implemented and proven true, the scientists agreed that the star’s light was closed because of the passage of the Black Hole, resulting in the closed beam of light sourced from the star. It happens over a period of time, then the star again shows its light.




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