Put Sutrah Let As Prayers Are not Crossed, It’s Ulama’s Word

www.pribumi.win – For some Muslims, there is a view of the need for the use of sutrah in prayer. This is meant not to interfere with prayer.

Sutrah itself is an object that is used as a barrier place of prayer someone. Usually, this object is placed in front of a person’s prostration so that others are free to walk in front of it.

Today sutrah rarely found. Even so, there are some mosques that use sutrah for people praying themselves (munfarid).

So, how the law using sutrah?

Quoted from the fatwa of the Majelis Tarjih and Tajdid Muhammadiyah, the existence of sutrah is meant to honor the person who is praying.

The basis for the existence of sutrah is contained in the hadith of Muslim history.

Narrated from Ibn Umar r.a. he said: Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) said: Do not do the prayer except facing the sutrah and do not let someone pass in front of you, if he ignores, then obstinate him with all his might, because there is a friend with him.

Also in the hadith narrated by Abu Daud.

Narrated from Abu Sa’id al-Khudri r.a. he said: Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) said: If any of you perform the prayer, then pray with the face of the sutrah, and approach it, and let no one pass between him and the sutrah. If someone comes through it, then obstinate with all his might, for he is a shaitan.

Ahmad also narrated a similar tradition, from Abu Sahl bin Abi Hatsmah RA.

It is narrated from Abu Sahl bin Abi Hatsmah r.a., from the Prophet: If anyone among you prays by facing the sutrah, then draw near to him, so Shaytan does not interrupt your prayer. From the other narrations as follows: If one among you does the prayer, then attach the sutrah and draw near to him, because shaitan likes to pass in front of him.

The scholars differed in their views on punishing sutrah. Imam Malik, based his views on the traditions above, to punish the use of sutrah is obligatory.

As Safarini considers the use of sutrah as sunna. This opinion is also shared by most scholars.

Abu Ubaidah argues that it is not mandatory to use sutrah because it has already been borne by the priest. While sutrah makmum is the person in front of him, but makmum shaf forefront should prevent anyone passing in front of him.

Today, many mosques are already using carpet mats. The carpet is enough to replace the role of sutrah.




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