Guidance of Safar, Jamak and Qashar for Muslim Traveler

The Muslim traveler who was traveling far, abroad for example, as much as possible not to leave prayers five times yes. As dense as you do when traveling.

If the condition is pressed so that you are difficult to perform mandatory prayer, Islam provides another easy way. Namely, by performing the Prayer and Qashar.

In addition to the two prayers, every Muslim traveler is also advised to perform Safar prayers when doing a long journey. With this expected every trip made by the traveler will always be accompanied by safety and worth of worship.

Well, as a guide for Dream Travel friends who like traveling long distance, here we provide a review of Safar, Jamak and Qashar prayers that can be done on the way. Listened to yuk!

1. Sholat Safar

Safar Prayer is a sunnah prayer done when traveling or after traveling. How to perform this prayer is the same as fardhu prayer, both the movement and the reading.

The difference, only in the intention only. Safar prayer can be done two rak’ah or four rak’ah.

Here is the intention of Safar prayer 2 Rakaat:

Ushalli sunnatas safari rak’ataini Lillahi Ta’ala (I intention to pray sunnah Safar two rak’ah for Allah Taala).

Here is the intention of Safar prayer 4 Rakaat:

Ushalli sunnatas safari arbaa raka’atin Lillahi Ta’ala (I am intent on sunnah Safar four rak’ah prayers for Allah Taala).

After the Safar prayer, and when you are about to leave the house read this prayer: Bismillahi Tawakkaltu Alallahi, La Haula WaLaa Quwwata Illa Billah (By calling the mama Allah, I surrendered to You, no power except God’s help).

Then, when you are in the vehicle, read this prayer: Subhanalaladzi Sakharalanaa Hadzaa Wamaa Kunna Lahuu Muqriniin, Wa Inna Ilaa Rabbinaa Lamunqalibuun (Glorified God who facilitated this vehicle for us, whereas we were previously unable to master it, and indeed we will return to Our God)

2. Plural Prayer

Plural Prayer is gathering two prayers at a time. For example, Zuhr prayers are performed at the time of Asr. This can be done when the traveler is pressed so can not perform Zuhur prayer. He can then perform the Zuhr prayer at the time of Asr. The trick, after the time of Ashar do Zuhur first prayer and then followed by Ashar prayer.

Adapaun prayers that can be dijamak namely Zuhur prayer dijamak with Ashar, and Maghrib prayers dijamak with Isya. While dawn prayer can not be dijamak with anything.

Sholat is divided into two types. First, the plural Taqdim is collecting 2 prayer times during the first prayer time. For example, menjamak Zuhr and Ashar prayers at the time of Zuhr prayer. Praying each of 4 races.

Following the intent of the Plurals of Taqdim: “I intend to pray four rak’ahs of Zuhur in Jamak with Ashar with Plural Taqdim facing the direction of Fardu because Allah Ta’ala”

Second, Jamak Takhir is collecting two prayer times during the last prayer time. For example, menjamak Maghrib prayer with Isya prayer at the time of Isha prayer.

Here is the intent of the Plural of the End: “I intend to pray Maghrib in Plural with Isya with Plurals Takhir facing the direction of Fardu for Allah Ta’ala”.

3. Qashar Prayer

Qashar prayer is to make a prayer that amounts to 4 rakaat be 2 rakaat. Such as Zuhr prayer, Ashar and Isha. While prayers Maghrib and Dawn can not be Qashar.

Well, Prayer and Qashar prayer can be done at once. For example, collect Zuhur prayer with the Asr prayer at the time of Asr (in-Plural and in-Qashar each into 2 rak’ah). So when entering the time of Ashar, we do Zuhur prayer 2 rakaat then pray 2 Ashar Rakaat.

Before performing these prayers, there are several conditions that must be Dream Friends know. There are several conditions that determine whether or not a person may perform the Plurals and Qashar prayers, namely:

1. Travel traveler exceeds 81 KM
2. No intention to stay more than 4 days.
3. No priestly imams are perfect races.
4. Still in the traveler when doing the prayer.
5. Travel is not intended to commit immorality.
6. Knowing the destination.

Well, Friends Dream Travel with this guide no more reason to leave prayers five times while traveling far yes. May be useful!




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