THIS IS THE ONLY KEY TO GET HOME DOMESTIC HARMONY – In living the household, we often find things that are not as good as fairy tales. Starting from the annoying couple’s habits to other things that make the household feel like hell and want to run away.

The harmony of the household we are always reading is getting far from expectations. The more days the more things that make us more uncomfortable with the atmosphere of the house. Why is not everything like what we imagine before getting married? And how to realize household harmony like in fairy tales?

The answer is, with gratitude for the existence of the couple next to us. This small thing can bring about big changes in the household. Whatever the shortcomings of a couple, keep in the conscience that God has given the best partner to us. Behind all the weaknesses of couples, there must be goodness that we can be grateful.

This is where we should be good at gratitude, not just dreaming of perfect imitation of his face and morals. Our expectation of the perfect partner figure has made us see too many flaws in the couple, which causes us not to be grateful.

Remember what God says about a spouse:

“And among His signs is He created for you wives of your own kind, that ye may till and be rested (sakinah) unto him, and made him among you compassion (mawadah) and affection (rahmah ). Verily in that are Signs indeed for the minds of the mind. “(Ar Rum: 21).

Allah created man in pairs so that we may find comfort and comfort from them, not to be compared to other people’s spouse let alone set expectations too high for us to show off in social media or real social life.

By being grateful for what is in the couple and also the existence beside us, insha Allah sakinah, mawaddah wa rahmah is close.




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