The Four “Successes” that Paul has done – Jesus’ teaching experienced evolution and it was marked by Paul’s success in forming a new Christian religion. The False Prophet was able to formulate a Christian theology that was diametrically different from the teachings of Jesus. Paul’s success in establishing a new religion (Christian) is spectacular because Christianity is “divorced” with its parent Jewish religion.

Second, the Christian doctrine that escapes the Torah and replaces it with the Gospel of Paul, apart from the other four Gospels. Although the four New Testament gospels (Mark, Matthew, Luke and John) have different sources of writing from the Gospel of Paul. It is undeniably theologically all of them in Paul’s theological influence. The Law had been nailed to the cross.

Third, Paul’s success spreading his Gospel in the Gentile environment so that Christianity and its people are completely uprooted from their Jewish roots. It can be shown from Paul’s mostly uncircumcised, disrespectful followers of the Sabbath, unaware of haram in food and not making offerings to Moses, not carrying out the slaughter of the Passover lambs and not honoring Moses’ law. The Jewish community of followers of Jesus’ teachings in its development disappeared, replacing Paul’s new people. The followers of Jesus almost disappeared at the time of the Jewish rebellion crackdown by Titus in AD 60. That’s when the Jews cracked and slaughtered, few survived, some of them Jesus’ family.

Fourth, Paul’s success moved the Mother Church (Purba, Center) from Jerusalem to Rome. This move is very profitable because Paul is a Roman citizen, and Rome was then the center of world civilization. By the time Pope Sylvester enters the throne, the Jerusalem community once requested that the center of the Mother Church be returned to Jerusalem, but the request was rejected outright.

The implications? Christianity naturally experiences syncretism with pagan Rome. From this is the beginning of Christian evolution. The second with a new character: the Roman Emperor Constantine the Great.




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