The Difference of the Stories of Adam-Eve in Islam and in Christianity

The story of Adam and Eve is found in three religions: Islam, Christianity and Judaism. Adam and Eve were given the glorious place of heaven Adn. Then, they are deceived by the Devil and thus driven away from that beautiful place. Adam and Eve were sent down to earth to live, descended to death.

In the Christian doctrine, in Genesis (Old Testament) Chapter III it is explained that the devil who deceived Adam and Eve rode inside the snake’s mouth and it was said that the snake was a clever animal and a liar. It is said that the first deceived is the wife because the woman is a weak human kind and quickly deceived.

“So the woman saw that the fruit of the tree was good to eat and delicious to the sight of the eye, a staple of pleasure, and she took it from the fruit, and eaten it, and gave it to the liver, and ate it” (Genesis 3: 6)

“And Adam answered instantly the Lord asked why he was naked if he had eaten the fruit?

So Adam said, ‘As for the woman whom the Lord gave me, he gave me the fruit and was eaten.’ “(Genesis 3:12)


In the New Testament it is also asserted that Adam is innocent, the fault is that she is the first to be deceived.

It is the foundation of the Christian doctrine which is called the first foundation that human beings are born in sin so that they are expelled into this world. The base of the incidence of sin is because the woman who first diputaya by demon devil and the woman also ate the forbidden fruit.

Notice the composition of the verse in the Book of Genesis appears to be the weakness of men who are easily deceived by women and women can be deceived by the devils’ snakes. When God asks, Adam immediately declares himself that he is innocent, the wrong is his wife because he is a seducer. Because of that, gather all curses to women.

Then, how the word of the Qur’an about this incident? Does the Qur’an inflict mistakes on women? Does the Qur’an say that men are away?

1. In Surat al-Baqarah verse 36 it is clearly stated that both are both derailed by Satan so that both are equally expelled from heaven.

2. In the letter of al-A’raaf verse 20 it is explained that those who are deceived and worried by the devil to eat the forbidden fruit are both, equally responsible and equally guilty.

In the letter of Thaahaa further explained that the first of the two, who was responsible for his mistake was Adam, he was firmly a man.

In verse 15 the letter of Thaahaa is mentioned, “And indeed, we have written unto Adam first, but he forgets and We have no firm will to him.”

In the verse it is clearly seen the responsibility of a man and to the responsible person is commanded and promised that he will not eat the forbidden fruit. But he forgot about it. Inattentive.

Then another verse 120 reads, “Then the devil whispered (evil thoughts) to him by saying, ‘O Adam! Will I show you the tree of immortality (khuldi) and the imperishable kingdom? ‘”

Followed by verse 21, “Then both of them ate it, then it appeared to them both of their aurat, and began to cover it with the leaves of heaven, and Adam devastated to his Lord and perverted him.”

Continue in verse 122, “Then his Lord chose him, then He accepted his repentance and gave him guidance.”

From these two verses, it is found in Genesis (Old Testament) that holds Jews and Christians, and in the Letter of Thaahaa, we can compare two personal characteristics of the one being told. The person named Adam, who is in Genesis is a weak figure, quickly falling by a wife. However, when asked why he was wrong, he was thrown responsibility to his wife, who was accused of deceiving him. It appears that when a wife woo, she does not try to defend at all.

In the Qur’an shows the personality of a revered man who has received a promise or binding on a promise with Allah SWT, who because of the deceitful lust and desire lured by the devil he forgets his promise. He became weak, unable to survive when faced with deceit.

Explained in verse 120 that the deceptive is the devil himself, directly from the devil not from the seduction wife. In the verse is expressly mentioned the cry of the devil, “Ya Adam!”

After the husband was fascinated, the wife was obedient, they both make mistakes. In verse 121 it is explained that they both eat the fruit and both are equally open his cock, both the date of his heavenly dress and equally forced looking for the natural leaf of heaven to cover his private parts.

The way out is also shown by Allah SWT because in addition to punishing who is guilty, God is also affectionate to His servant. God also points the way out of the mood of guilt feelings. It was immortalized in al-Baqarah verse 37, “Then Adam received a few sentences from his Lord and He also received his repentance. Surely Allah is the Receiver of the Taubat, the Most Merciful.

Verse 122 of Thaahaa’s letter is explained that after Adam was guilty and repented, Allah accepted his repentance. Then sent down the human or basyar who received the heavy duty of being the representative of Allah and Khalifatullah on earth.

From the comparison of verses in the Bible and the Qur’an can be understood that how women’s Christian awards and how also in the eyes of Islam. Wallahu A’lam.




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