ISLAMIC VIEWS ON THE LIABILITY OF GIVING TO PARENTS AFTER MARRIED, Tanjung Enim – We all agree that filial piety is the duty of every child. From childhood, it is the parents who keep, educate, meet the needs and provide security and comfort. So no exaggeration if the child is obliged to worship and happy both parents, when an adult.

Maybe while still singles, dutiful matters to parents do not become a difficulty. Giving monthly amounts to prizes is still our sole decision. Unlike when married, monthly income is budgeted for new things. such as home installments, child health, wife’s health and other family needs. Then whether money or livestock to the parents is still required?

The state of a family must be different. Some are given excessive sustenance there is also just cover the needs of the day. Surely all is not a problem, provided that sustenance is used to survive not for lifestyle.

Well, for the problem of providing a living to parents must be returned to the ability of each. If, income is still sufficient to provide for a parent – in the case of filial piety – then it is advisable. Especially if our parents are not working and certainly have no income.

If the income is mediocre. So what to do is to budget their income for everyday needs, such as food and school fees. If there is more, how much better to give to parents than to fulfill the desire to buy luxury goods.

Certainly in this case a wife must understand that the right to her husband is his mother. So easy is the way to make his parents happy. Similarly, the husband, he must understand that his wife also has parents who should he happy. So try to keep both happy with fair.

In a hadith Sahih Muslim History, it is said that Aisha RA. asked the Messenger of Allah, “Who is entitled to a woman?” Rasulullah replied, “Her husband (when married).”

Aisha RA asked again, “Who is entitled to a man?” Rasulullah replied, “His mother.” (Muslim)

One day came a man to the Messenger of Allah, he said, “Yaa Rasulullah, I have wealth and children, and what if my father wants my treasure?” Majah and Ath Thabrani)

The conclusion is, the happiness of parents is something that must be done by a child. If not able to happy with the material, then menghagiagiakan them with good morals.




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