HOW TO MAKE A MULTIPLE ACTIVITY MAKE A PAHALA, Tanjung Enim – As women, surely we often use the mirror to ensure our appearance remains in good condition. Even some of us, make the mirror as one of the things that must be taken anywhere. In the mirror reflection, we can see clearly the grace given by Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala. Well, as a form of gratitude for the grace that has been given it’s good we say prayers when looking in the mirror. The prayer reading while looking in the mirror is,

“Allahumma kamaa hassanta kholqii fa hassin khuluqi” O Allah as You have created me well, then improve my morals ”

Masya Allah, in addition to being grateful for a good performance we are also a good idea to be given for easy to improve morals. Thus, in addition to beautiful we are seen to be loved for good morals.




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