www.pribumi.win – Husband is an important family. Its presence makes a family more secure and comfortable. Plus, the husband is the backbone of the family whose obligations meet the needs of children and wives.

It is true that a husband is the head of his family. In fact, there is a narration which states that if a wife does not want to serve her husband then throughout the night all angels are not angry with him. However, it turns out the Islamic religion memandngan eight husband nature as dibawha this as something vile. Here are eight traits of husbands banned by Islam

Abandoning family
The duty of a husband is to provide for his wife and children. Therefore, it is important for a husband to have the willingness and responsibility to work in order to meet the needs of his family. Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala said:

“It is necessary for every husband to give a living and clothing to his wife, properly.” (Q.S. Al-Baqarah: 233).

Therefore, the husband who abandoned his family is considered very inappropriate and prohibited by Islam. A husband must be responsible and ensure the survival of his family.

Stingy and reluctant to meet family needs
Some husbands are not given excessive sustenance so that it can only meet the important needs only. But there are also too stingy to spend his livelihood. Even the wife had to take it clandestinely in order to meet the needs of the kitchen and family.

This is certainly not justified by Islam, because if a man dared to marry a woman then he must also dare to fulfill his life needs later.

From ‘A’ishah that Hindun bint’ Utbah said: “O Messenger of Allah, Abu Sufyan (my husband, Pen) is a grabbering man. He does not give (me) to me who is sufficient for me and my son, except what I take from him while he does not know “. So he said: “Take your sufferings and your son accordingly.” (Bukhari)

Husbands are deserving to give security to their family members. He is the one who will keep the wife and children from things that are not desirable. Therefore, a husband who often persecutes his wife is very much criticized by religion. Rasulullah s.a.w said: “The most perfect believer is the best of morals. And best of all you are the best with your wives. “(H.R. at-Tirmidhi, validated by Sheikh Albani)

Hates wives
“Let not a faithful husband hate his faithful wife. If he does not like a morals from him, he must be meridhai other than him. “(H.R. Muslim)

Drive his wife and child
This can be seen from the letter at thalaq verse 1: “O Prophet, if you divorce your wives, then divorce them, when they can (face) their iddah (reasonable), and calculate the time of the iddah, and be devoted to God Your Rabb. You shall not remove them from their homes, nor be they (permitted) to go forth, unless they do evil deeds of light. These are the laws of God, and whoso transgresseth the laws of God, he has indeed done wrong to himself. You do not know, maybe God did after that, something new. ”

Not teaching religion to wife and child
“O ye who believe, guard yourselves & your family from the fires of hell whose fuel is human & stone, the guardian angels are rough, hard & do not disobey God against what he commanded them & always do what he asks “(QS At-Tahrim: 6)

Cheating or committing adultery with another woman
Married is one way to avoid adultery. Therefore, if a husband commits adultery and adultery with another woman then it is something very nasty.

“And do not go near adultery; indeed, adultery is a cruel act and a bad way. (Surat al-Israa: 32)




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