Mesut Ozil and Akhlak Santri are Always Attached – Arsenal’s asset-stricken midfielder always amazes soccer fans with his smart passes and always generates assists, which sometimes even finds it difficult to score goals if other players do.

Mesut Ozil, in addition to agile in playing soccer, he also keeps a good character that should be done by every player who is Muslim other. Reporting from, this German passport player never left his duty in religion. He is always punctual in carrying out mandatory five-hour prayers even though it must clash with his team’s match schedule.

In another way, this 29-year-old man never gets out of the Koran and always takes him wherever he goes. Before and after the game he always read it on the empty time in the locker room, bus or any other place.

Playing in the European league will sometimes be difficult to gain freedom for Muslim players in performing their worship. His freedom of religion has always been taken away by the regulation of the local federation whose majority of leagues in Europe can not be attributed to any religion or ideology.

Call it when the month of Ramadan, which should be a Muslim performer fasting but he must fast while competing in the field.

Perhaps it is not unusual for a Mesut Ozil, to compete in Ramadan instead of being an obstacle for him to break the fast for reasons of competition.

If associated with santri, although the attacking midfielder Gelsenkichen birth, Germany is not mengenyam education in the pesantren but the soul personality is very reflective of a santri. For the writer, a devout Muslim is more santri than a santri in a pesantren but he is disobedient in practicing Islam.




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