Jokowi Enter 50 Top Most Influential Muslim Leaders in the World, No Name Rizieq Shihab – President Joko Widodo listed in the list of 50 Most Influential Muslim Leaders in the World in 2018. Besides Jokowi, other names from Indonesia who entered the top 50 are the General Chairman of the NU KH Said Aqil Siradj and Rais Am Jam’iyyah Ahli Thariqah al-Mutabarah al-Nahdliyah Habib Lutfhi Yahya.

Citing the website, this list was compiled and published Royal Islam Strategic Studies Center (RISSC), based in Amman, Jordan.

According to the RISSC, the Western world has for the most part understood the Islamic world unequivocally, mainly because of the emergence of Shari’aism and seeing from the perspective of the emergence of the ISIS terrorist organization.

However, the US-based polling agency and survey, Pew, made a survey and study that the future of Islam will greatly affect the planet. According to Pew, the data show that currently a quarter of the earth’s population is Muslim and predicted by 2035 Muslims will outstrip Christians.

On the basis of these and studies of various perspectives, whether cultural, political, economic, development, even literature and sport, the RISSC lists the very influential figures among Muslims in the world and especially its influence as a Muslim to the world.

Those who are in the list of influential people, according to RISCC, are because their ideas and thoughts are continuously to the world of Islam and the global world positively which then affects the Islamic world in general.

RISSC puts President Joko Widodo rated 16, Said Aqil is ranked 22nd, and Habib Lutfhi Yahya is ranked 41st.

While top spot on the list of 50 Worldwide Influential Muslim People 2018, occupied by Professor Sheikh Ahmad Muhammad Al-Tayyeb, Grand Sheikh Al-Azhar University.

Saudi Arabia’s King Salman bin Abdul Aziz al-Saud is ranked second. While Jordan’s King and keeper of the holy site of Jerusalem, Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein, is ranked third.

The names of the so-called middle-class Muslim role models in Indonesia, such as the Alvara Research Center survey, do not count at all.

As is known Alvara Research Center conducted a survey and the result of three names as a middle-class Muslim model in Indonesia is the ustazah Mama Dedeh, Abdullah Gymnastiar or Aa Gym, and Rizieq Shihab.




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