Dissolution of Felix Siauw’s Review Forms of Restriction on Right of Opinion

www.pribumi.win – The Community of Muslim Law Scholars (KSHUMI) gave a response regarding the dissolution of Ustadz Felix Siauw’s study. Chairman of KSHUMI, Chandra Purna Irawan confirmed that the dissolution of the study is a form of restraint of the right to express an opinion.

“The dissolution of the study of Ustadz Felix Siauw forms the restraint of the right of public opinion submission,” he told Kiblat.net via a written statement on Monday (06/11/2017).

He asserted that the constitution has given a direct and decisive guarantee to everyone to exercise the right to freedom of association, freedom of assembly and freedom of expression. As regulated in Article 28E paragraph 3 of the 1945 Constitution.

“So we reject any form of restraining the right to public opinion, criminalization of clerics, activists and Muslims, including the teachings of Islam and its symbols,” he said.

In addition, he also reminded the government to always be present and involved in mediating and resolving any legal problems that exist in the community. It is also committed to uphold the concept of a state law.

“And away from all forms of attitude and acts of abusing power,” he said.

In addition KSHUMI also encourage the Government and all elements of the people and nation to actively engage and open themselves in national dialogue in order to solve all the problems that befell the nation and state.

“And to the pious scholars, Islamic activists, Muslims and all Indonesian Muslim law scholars to unite, synergize to build strength and solidity in order to fight for Islam to be a mercy for the universe.




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