Unique, Mosque Shaped Ka’bah So Tourist Attraction in Subang

WWW.PRIBUMI.WIN, TANJUNG ENIM – Until now medsos still enlivened with pictures of mosques from various regions and from abroad. Not to mention one of the unique mosque in the form of this Kakbah which comes from Subang, West Java.

Ka’ba is a sacred building that became the mecca of Muslims worldwide. The Ka’ba becomes a reference for Muslims who want to perform the prayers. For Muslims in Indonesia the position of the Qiblah is facing westward. The direction of qibla is now more modern because it uses the help of GPS.

Ka’ba has a height of about 14 meters. The door was pure gold weighing 280 pounds. While the key length alone sektiar 40 centimeters. In everyday life, the process of cleaning the Masjidil Haram area is done by nearly 1900 workers.

At-Toyibah Mosque, Subang is different from the form of a mosque generally has a dome. This mosque is actually built similar to the Ka’bah building in the Grand Mosque of Mecca. The mosque is located on Jalan Kalijati Timur, East Kalijati Village, Kalijati Subdistrict, Subang, West Java.

The extent is estimated at 2,800 square meters. Even the shape of this mosque has a part of the aswad hajar in the corner of the building, not to forget also replica Hijr Ismail. From the color was likened to the original Ka’bah building. The difference is unique mosque shaped Kakbah is not covered with kiswah or cloth cover Kakbah but with wall paint and decorative beautiful calligraphy that surrounds the building.




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