UNESCO’s Heritage Status for the Palestinian Mosque Make Israel Furious

www.pribumi.win, tanjung enim – Although still in war, this does not prevent UNESCO from granting world heritage status to a Palestinian state. Surely this status can improve the monitoring and preservation of historic sites in hostile states. As released by Reuters.com, Wednesday (07/12/2017).

This status is given to a mosque in the West Bank, Palestine, on Friday (7/7/2017). The Ibrahimi Mosque was given the title “World Heritage Site of Palestinian Endangered”, in the city of Hebron, south of Jerusalem. But the awarding of this title turned out to make Israel furious.

It turns out that UNESCO gives the title not only to the Ibrahimi Mosque, but also to one of the Jewish sites that is next to it. The site is “the Jewish Thomb of the Patriarchs”, which is united with the mosque to be granted world heritage status.

The Jewish community believed that this place, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and their Wife were buried. For this reason, the Muslim community built a mosque, the Ibrahimi Mosque which is also known as the Abraham Tomb, in the 14th century.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu argues that this decision is a delusion of UNESCO. He also requested the US $ 1 billion fund from Israel in the UN treasury to be withdrawn. Though the funds will be used to build a museum to protect the Jewish heritage in the City of Hebron.

Surely the Palestinians consider the UNESCO decision to be a precise step, to maintain an important site in Hebron, and to put pressure on Israel and America. Hebron itself is the largest city in the West Bank of Palestine with a population of about 200 thousand inhabitants. There are even a thousand Israeli people living in cities with many historical heritages and important sites.




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