Head of BNPT: Mosque Renovation One Way to Fight Terrorism

www.pribumi.win – The National Agency for Combating Terrorism (BNPT) inaugurated the construction and renovation of Baitul Muttaqin Mosque in Tenggulun Village, Lamongan, East Java. The area was once referred to as a hotbed of terrorists who planned to manufacture 1.2 tons of bombs.

Head of BNPT, Suhardi Alius, said, building and renovating the mosque is one form of soft approach in countering terrorism. This, he said, is part of the deradicalization done by BNPT.

“Our counter terrorism is not only a hard approach, but also a soft approach, it is a soft approach and the implementation of deradicalization program by BNPT,” said Suhardi in his statement on Friday, July 22, 2017.

He said, BNPT is a serious institution in the prevention of radicalism and terrorism. In this case, he continued, it is necessary to engage the participation of the community and related stakeholders to create friendly situations and conditions, as well as good communication in order to provide a peaceful and tolerant understanding of Islam.

“The construction of this mosque is a proof of BNPT’s commitment to the community that the state is present in the community to help in the right direction.” Soft and hard approach methods promoted by BNPT, purely in order to uphold humanist values ​​in the face of acts of terrorism, Not only by taking action, but must be able to win the hearts and minds of people who are exposed to radical understanding gently, “explained Suhardi.

He asserted, the construction of the mosque does not stop until Lamongan, but will continue to Bima, West Nusa Tenggara. BNPT will continue to take the initiative to instill knowledge for young people against the threat of terrorism.

“It is expected that the younger generation will have sensitivity to the danger of acts of terrorism, to further reduce the harm and damage it causes, and to spread prevention measures by maximizing the role and function of the mosque as the center of education for the younger generation,” Suhardi said.




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