Garut teenager found dead in Bak Wudhu Mosque, tanjung enim – Ahmad Hariri alias Aril (17), a resident of Cicadas, Malangbong, Garut regency, West Java, was found in a lifeless condition in his village mosque basin. He allegedly allegedly killed after drinking liquor (miras) type ciu.

Kapolsek Malangbong AKP Suhartono said the victim was first found at around 03.00 am on Friday morning, June 30, 2017, in the wudu bath of Jami Al-Hidayah Mosque, Cicadas Village RT 03 / RW 05 Sukajaya Village, Malangbong Sub-district, Garut Regency, West Java.

“The victim was found in the pond by Galih and Rifal witnesses, and immediately asked the village officer to examine the victim,” he said in a written statement.

Suhartono explained, based on the testimony of Galih witnesses, the first time the victim met the witness after playing futsal on Thursday, June 29, 2017, at around 23:00 pm. At that time, Aril is known to buy a yellow plastic drink that allegedly ciu in one of the stalls in the area Kersamanah.

“The victim invited ngaliwet (cook) to the witness and permission to go home first because hungry, the victim asked permission he said would find fish near the mosque pond and leave alone,” he said.

Long awaited, Aril did not appear as well. On Friday morning at around 2:30 pm, Galih and witness Rifal took the initiative to find victims to the location around the mosque. Half an hour searching, they both find sandals and clothes Aril at the mosque WC door.

“Because of suspicion, the witness immediately searched the victim in the pond under the ablution site, then the water was immediately drained and a victim was immediately picked up by witnesses,” he said.

To ensure the condition of the victim, the two witnesses then asked Yanto for help, a village mantri and immediately examined it. The result, the victim was declared dead.

“Finally, one of the witnesses’ family, Darajat Awaludin, immediately reported the incident to the Malangbong Police Office,” he said.

Then after being taken to the health center Malangbong, Garut, the results of a visum by Mellan Cendrawasih doctor at around 08.30 WIB, not found any injuries on the victim’s body. “The victim allegedly slipped and entered the pool because of slippery conditions and under the influence of liquor type ciu,” he said.

At the request of the family, Aril’s body was not autopsied and immediately taken for burial. “They seem sincere and patient, and confess this calamity as the destiny of God against his son,” said Suhartono.




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