Learn Chastity with Caterpillars

WWW.PRIBUMI.WIN – Ramadan 1438 H has Allah ta’ala meet with us. As Muslims, we should welcome it with joy. Because Ramadan is a special month, great virtue is contained within it. A special major worship service that is present this month is a month-long fasting month.

“…. The month of Ramadan, the moon in which it is revealed (beginning) the Qur’an as a guide for man and the explanations of the guidance, and the distinction (between the right and the fool). Therefore, whosoever of you is present (in the land of his abode) that month, let him fast that month, and whosoever is sick or in the journey (then he breaks), then (shall he fast) as the day he left, Other days. Allah wills ease for you, and does not want trouble for you. And let your numbers be sufficient, and you should exalt God upon His guidance given to you, that you may be grateful “(al-Baqarah: 185).

Ramadan fasting fardhu law. Not only reward, full month fasting is a great character education. The success of Ramadan fast is taqwa.

“O ye who believe, are required of you to fast, as was required before the people before you, that ye should be devoted” (al-Baqarah: 183).

Taqwa is a high degree of caution, like walking barefoot in a thorny aisle. A caution in stepping, automatically raises a sweet morality. Because of course the offender does not step, not careless, full of vigilance and gentleness.

In the Qur’an, Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala often educates His servants with parables in the universe. He does not hesitate to instruct people to observe natural events and small animals in order to obtain messages of life.

“Allah is not reluctant to make a parable of a mosquito or a lesser one. As for those who believe, they believe that the parable is true from their Lord, but those who disbelieve say, ‘What does God mean by this for parables?’ By that parable many people are led astray by Allah, and with that parable The one whom He gave instructions. And none is misled by God except those who are ungodly. “(Al-Baqarah: 26).

In relation to Ramadhan worship, there is a small animal whose life cycle we can make a mirror of life, how the influence of fasting that we live against the morals that we have? It is a caterpillar.

Let us imagine the shape of the caterpillar! Each type of caterpillar has a distinct form, different from each other. However, almost everything has the same properties: ludicrous. Goosebumps, shudder, even many women to scream made. Not only that the caterpillar red report card; For the type of caterpillar, its feathers make the skin of the human skin touch it. In the agricultural world, caterpillars generally become enemies of farmers. It is a pest of various plants. Predate the leaves, fruit, seeds, even stems. Such is the ecological niche (environmental role) of the caterpillar deliberately made so by Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala to educate us.

Do not stop there. In its time, the caterpillar will experience a unique life cycle extraordinary. Such is Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala designed it to be a science for human beings. In the time that God sets, the caterpillar undergoes a metamorphosis. He is silent in a place that is not always the same between the types of caterpillars with each other (among them in the lower surface of the leaves). Gradually he changed his form from the ludicrous to the more reassuring. And of course, the job of eliminating plants stops completely, totally. Because during silence as a cocoon he does not eat, fast.

Circumstances as a caterpillar of the caterpillar during a certain time. Until when the time came, there was an amazing event in the cocoon. From a silent, enduring creature that survives without food, it moves out of its seclusion with a completely different entity. Being a butterfly, a winged animal that can fly high all the way. He is no longer a plant predator; Making it damaged, inhibited by the growth of leaf out, not produce whole fruit and decent consumption, even make the plant dead. That’s not the job of butterflies. Now he does not want to enjoy the delicacy of the material by harming fellow makhluq Allah ta’ala. Instead, his job now is to help the survival of plants. But with that he got a much more delicious meal than before.

Butterfly food is pectin (essence) flowers. Beautiful flowers that he approached every day. And the flowers are happy because the presence of butterflies gives him goodness. With the butterfly on the crown of the flower, the thread




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