Criminalization of ulama and Islamic mass organizations, Ustadz Iim: Muslims are Being Banned

PRIBUMI.WIN, PALEMBANG – Criminalization of the Ulema according to Ustadz Abdul Rohim Ba’asyir is part of the enemy’s efforts of Islam who want to bring down Dinul Islam. Including Islampobhia tried to impose the successors of the Prophets.

“I see this attempt to overthrow the dinul Islam, the Ulama is impressed like a troubled person. If so this Ulama will fall in good name, and Islam pobhia will win, “he said when met at Ponpes Ngruki, Grogol, Sukoharjo, Monday (5/6/2017).

Observers of this Islamic movement highlight that the wave of criminalization of the Ulama also occurred in the Prophet’s time. Basically, unbelievers and hypocrites will never like the development and progress of Islam.

“The scholars of the successors of the Prophets, if the message carrier is criminalized, the name of religion will be corrupted. And the second distance the people with the Ulama. If we look at the criminalization efforts not far from this actually. And long before the Prophet, the bearer of the message of truth is also treated equally, “he said.

Ustadz Iim greeting familiarly convinced enemies of Islam will never win against Muslims. To that end, simultaneous criminalization efforts continue to bring down Islam and Ulama.

“Actually the enemy of Islam is not able to fight against Muslims, but they cover this weakness by way of criminalization. Even want to drop the good name of the Qur’an, the good name of Islamic law, “he said.

Abu Bakar Ba’asyir’s son, asking Muslims not easily provoked, the steps that must be taken that immediately seize power in Indonesia to be led by the Islamic character who berakhlakkul Kharimah.

“I do not deny Muslims are being lured, do not be too provoked. Must think about strategic steps and take action against such perpetrators. Muslims must immediately seize power in this Indonesia, “he said




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