Anti-Chinese SARA riots and KH Ma’ruf Amin’s morality in the eyes of the Catholic Youth

WWW.PRIBUMI.WIN – FX Arief Poyuono, a Catholic citizen tells the true story of how sublime the Kiai Ma’ruf Amin morals.

He revealed, it is very inappropriate Kiai Ma’ruf treated disrespect, let alone by an Ahok.

The man who is currently Chairman of the BUMN Workers Union lives in Tanjung Priok for decades, the area where the General Chairman of MUI, KH Ma’ruf Amin lives.

Arief Poyuono, who is a Chinese descendant, had experienced dark times, when ethnic Chinese anti-ethnic riots, exploded several times in Jakarta. Then how is the role of Kiai Ma’ruf then? Here is a brief article FX Arief Poyuono, which spread in social media and received editorial, Friday (3/1/2017).

Testimonial Youth F.X. Arief Poyuono for K.H. Ma’ruf Amin

Long time I do not want to comment on Ahok’s behavior towards Muslims.

But I think it’s time I speak honestly and candidly after Ahok’s Treatment of KH Maruf Amin

I am Arief Poyuono living and big in Tanjung Priuk a port area inhabited multi-ethnic and multi strata of Economics

Two events of Anti-Chinese social unrest occurred in Tanjung Priuk when I lived in Priuk, namely 1984 TANJUNG Priuk Bloody events and riots 1998

I Witness to live how Noble and Good Heart A KH Maruf Amin who want to make the House of the Sun to be a sanctuary for the citizens of the Chinese house that runs out in loot and burned

KH Maruf Amin also Quit the House to ban time ITU 1984 so as not to Church in Tanjung Priuk burned

Today Ahok Today Perhaps just living in Jakarta for no more than 25 years Insulting KH Maruf Amin good and hearty Noble

Therefore I ask Christians and ethnic Chinese Do not Choose Ahok aka Basuki Tjahaya …

FX.Arief Poyuono (a citizen of descendant, a Catholic religion and currently as Chairman of BUMN Workers Union, since 1974 till 2001 live and big in Tanjung Priuk)
Hp. 081212259688

Be patient ya Mang KH Maruf Amin




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