Why Is Unlawful Moslem Participate Cap Go Meh Imlek? This is the Explanation

PRIBUMI ONLINE, TANJUNG ENIM – Every year, every time the celebration knows the new Imlek Cap Go Meh, the Muslims, mostly from the orphans, are seen marching in front of the temple to expect the giving of the pigeons from the Chinese descendants. It’s really a concern.

In order to keep the monotheism and avoid polytheism, the layman Muslims need to know, what is Cap Go Meh? What is the activity?

Judging from the aspect of Islamic aqidah, the celebration when “followed by Muslims is very dangerous aqidah Muslims” considering the aqidah of Islam.

Why endanger the aqeedah of Muslims who follow it? Because, the series of Cap Go Meh events are tarhadap aqidah Islam many contain kesyirikan or partnership with Allah, namely “God Almighty”.

Therefore, if there are Muslim youths or Muslims who join in celebrating it, it means they are unknowingly going to fall into the behavior of polytheism and trapped in the apostasy of Islam without realizing it. That is why the scholars reminded him. This is stated by God as follows;

Believers, if you obey those who disbelieve, they will turn you back to disbelief, and then you will be the losers. (Ali Imran (3): 149)

The Idolaters Ritual

The celebration of “Cap Go Meh” is a Chinese New Year celebration for ethnic Chinese or Tiong Hoa. This Chinese or Lunar New Year calendar system uses various elements that are integrated comprehensively such as Sun, Moon, Star Constellation / Shio, Season, 5 elements of nature and energy.

Based on the story of ancient legend, chinese new year is celebrated early when the Chinese managed to defeat the God of Myth called Nian which means God in Chinese. This Nian creature always appeared on the first day of the new year and the arrival of this Nian to prey on livestock casualties, destroy agricultural produce, and even prey on the inhabitants, especially children.

In order to survive the wrath of Nian, the Chinese will put offerings on their doorsteps on the first day of the new year until the fifteenth day, believing that if these foods are eaten by Nian, Nian will no longer attack and prey Citizens.

One time, there was a resident who peeped and saw the fear Nian god and ran away from a child wearing a red costume. Since then, every year before Lunar New Year residents always hang red lanterns, and the accessories of their dominant houses are all red. In addition the ancient Chinese community also ignited various firecrackers to drive and scare the god Nian.

Apart from this myth, this celebration usually begins on the 30th of the 12th month according to the Chinese calendar and ends on the 15th day or the 15th (Cap Go Meh) of the first month of their Chinese year.

The series of events include Lunar prayer, prayer to Thian god and Cap Go Meh celebration (15th). In addition, the hallmark of the celebration of Lunar New Year and Cap Go Meh is the existence of red-colored house ornaments, offerings of basket cakes, angpao, lanterns, firecrackers and parade / barongsai parades. (Adapted from various sources by ech-wan 21 Jan 2009 with reference to Wikipedia: Chinese New Year Wikipedia: Chinese Zodiac, Wikipedia: Chinese Astrology, Wikipedia: ImlekPicture Xinhua)

From some of the above historical searches it is found that the series of Imlek and Cap Go Meh activities are cultural customs and acculturations that are sourced from various myths of beliefs and beliefs held by ancient Chinese




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