o not Forget the Prayer for Me, O my Son …

PRIBUMI ONLINE, TANJUNG ENIM – ROSULULLAH Shalallaahu ‘Alahi Wasallam said, “Allah will truly raise up a righteous servant in heaven. He asked, ‘O my Lord, where did I get all this?’ God replied, ‘With the istighfar your boy has made for you’. ”

In the early centuries of Islam there lived a woman of worship at Bashrah. He was named Rahibah. His son told him about it by saying, “When my mother was picked up by her death, she raised her head to the sky. My mother prayed, ‘O who is my mainstay and store! O who became my grip in my life and after death! Do not take me when death comes to me. Do not make me lonely in my grave. ‘

Then my mother died. I always come to his grave every Friday. I pray for him, ask for forgiveness for him and other tomb dwellers.

The boy went on, “One night, I saw him in a dream. I said, ‘O my mother, how are you?’ He replied, ‘O my son, the death is a very severe affliction. Yet I, with all praise to God, are in the world of the praiseworthy barzakh. We have perfumed fragrant plants, fused with fine silk and thick silk until the day of the resurrection. ‘

I asked, ‘Do you need anything?’

My mother replied, ‘Yes! Do not abandon our habit of praying for us and praying for us. Really, I was given the good news of your arrival on Friday when you came from your family home.

Some say to me, ‘O Revelation! This is your son. He came from his family home to visit you. “I was happy too. So are the people around me who have died happy. “‘

One of the young men who lived in the fifth century hijriyah said, “I commit myself to pray two rak’ahs every night. In those two rakats I read alot of the Qur’an. I rewarded my reward for my parents.

Once, in a dream, I saw my parents saying, ‘May Allah reward you with a better O Child! Your deeds and also what you have given me have come to me.




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