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PRIBUMI ONLINE, TANJUNG ENIM – THE PEOPLE There is no perfect humanity, humans bear one another’s weaknesses. Only by cooperation can man build perfection. Among the cooperation is in domestic life.

A woman who has weakness can be covered by her husband, and vice versa. The point is that individually nothing is perfect. However, we still have to work, at least be close to perfection.

Therefore do not expect to get a perfect partner, either male or female. The most important conditions according to Islam have been fulfilled (ie understanding and experience of good religion). If you expect additional terms, for example to be beautiful, rich, and from a respected family, do not be over-enforced because they are relative.

1. Ideal Husband Candidate

The ideal husband candidate is the equivalent of the morality of the woman. Do not expect to get an ideal husband, while he himself is disgraceful or dirty behavior. Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala said:

“And adulterers are not worthy of marriage except with adulterers or idolaters, and adulteress women are not worthy of marriage except with male adulterers or idolaters.” (An-Nur: 3)

“Cruel women are reserved for the abominable men. (On the contrary) the abominable man is for the abominable woman. And a good woman is for a good man. (On the contrary) a good man is for a good woman. “(An-Nur: 26).

The ideal husband candidate is able to support his wife and family members, which means having the skills to try. But there is a more real requirement to save, that is to understand Islam and apply it in life. Merciful (not angry), open to the wife (not cheating, whether the affairs with his property or relationships with other women), and able to bring a wife to heaven.

2. Prospective Wife Ideal

Word of the Prophet Shalallaahu ‘Alahi Wasallam: “The best gifts a believer obtains after obedience to Allah are getting married (wife) shalihah.” (Narrated by Ibn Majah).

“The woman who is righteous is a woman who is obedient to God again nourish herself when her husband is not there, therefore God cares for them.” (An-Nisa: 4)

The spotlight on would-be wives in the Jurisprudence books is more discussed, suggesting that the wife’s position in marriage is vital as the backbone of family education, even though each cleric is different in understanding the ideal wife. But essentially the same, the wife of shalihah, the wife who is patterned to the Qur’an and sunnah in his life.

Getting a Shalihah’s wife is a huge boon. Shalihah’s wife, according to Ustadz Fathihuddin Abdul Yasin, there are several conditions, among them:

A. His religion

Word of the Prophet: “Women married for four things; 1. Because of his property, 2. Because his offspring, 3. Because beautiful, 4. Because of his religion. So choose a woman who has a religion, you must be lucky. “(Narrated by Bukhari-Muslim, from Abu Hurairah).

B. Put people first

Word of the Prophet: “Do not marry a close relative, for her children will be born weak.” (Al-Hadist)

The positive side of marriage with distant people is to produce intelligent and tough children, know each other and extend kinship, introduce love, destroy differences.

C. Have a loving instinct

The instinct of loving children has become the character of women in general. So the prospective mother must have the basic character of loving his sons and daughters.

The instinct of loving children is the basic capital of education for children later, because women are the first madrasah for a child before being put into an institutionalized madrasah.

D. Women are fertile

According to the saying of the Prophet: “Marry affectionate women and many children.” (Narrated by Abu Dawud and Nasa’i)

Choosing a fertile peranakannya is a preferred suggestion, because from there meaning “build sakinah family”.

E. Prefer the girl

That is, a young man should put the girl first from the widow, because the young man is indeed his kufu (harmony) for the girl. Because of the advantage of choosing a girl, according to the saying of the Prophet: “Let ye marry a girl, for she is softer, fuller of her womb, does not think to be perverse, and accepts the state.” (Narrated by Ibnu Majah and Baihaqi, from Umaimir Bin Saidah Ra).

The Prophet’s words: “Whenever you choose a girl, you can joke with her, and she can also joke with you.” (Hadith Sharif)




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