Jokowi Will Manage Haj Funds 90 Trillion Rupiah for Project Investment

PRIBUMI ONLINE, TANJUNG ENIM – The newly formed Hajj Financial Management Agency (BPKH), through the selection of implementing agencies and supervisory boards, was handed over the task of managing Haj funds totaling Rp90 trillion.

Fund management, requested by President Joko Widodo done professionally, and can be profitable. Including, investing in government efforts to build infrastructure that requires funds are also not small.

“And his investment to projects that are obviously his fortunes. For example toll roads, ports, so no fear of missing funds. That is the comment from Mr. Jokowi, “said Chairman of the Selection Committee of BPKH member candidate, Mulya Effendy Siregar at the Presidential Office, Jakarta, Monday, March 13, 2017.

Tenaaang … there is still hajj money, can still owe …

Meanwhile, at the same place, Secretary General of the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Secretary of the Pansel, Nur Syam explained, BPKH based on Law No. 34 of 2016 is a body outside the Ministry of Religious structure.

Although independent and incorporated, this BPKH will manage the financial of the pilgrim fund. Where the results are expected to be used for the benefit of the ummah.

“He is an independent body that will later manage the financial hajj amounting to approximately Rp90 trillion was. So later they will be responsible to the President but through the Ministry of Religious Affairs, “said Nur Syam.




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